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I'm sitting in a live 1-2 game that runs close to my house. Play is often weak, but there is rarely much money on the table, so playing weird stack sizes comes up quite often.

The game just got off. A bunch of people bought in for $100 and a couple for $200. I also bought in for 2 and lost a hand, so I have ~160. I cover most of the table, so I haven't topped off.

4 limpers to me in the BB with :Kc:Qc . I make it $20 expecting to often see 3 callers and be able to shove a lot of flops. I get 2 callers who are 2 of the more competent players at the table. They can read hands a little. One is mostly just nitty. One is a little more crafty.

Flop comes :As:Qs:Tc . Pot is ~65. Stacks are $140 effective. My action?


  • GabeyJGabeyJ Red Chipper Posts: 436 ✭✭✭
    I think your checking here. Do you ever expect your bet two get to folds? i might consider a check raise.
  • HappySumoHappySumo Red Chipper Posts: 58
    " . I make it $20 expecting to often see 3 callers and be able to shove a lot of flops."

    I want to go back to pre-flop. This is a new table and I don't have any reads or dynamic on the table. I don't like a raise in this spot especially if I expect to get called and have a MW pot from OOP. If you shove most flops I would expect to be behind when called.

    I like raising from the blinds when 1) the table limps/folds often and there are fewer limpers than 3, 2) I am deep stacked and have some room for post-flop and turn bets, 3) I am re-raising a button or LP stealer, but this is a dynamic that must be built up during the table session.

    Now your raise has built a large MW pot that has most likely hit some of your opponents. But you will not know anything because you are OOP. The only option is check. I think a check raise here is not a great option because you will be behind when called and when someone bets (after you check) they are most likely going to call any shove.

    I like this hand better if it started "I am on the button with KQ suited and raise three limpers...."
  • SullySully Red Chipper Posts: 780 ✭✭✭
    I think check/call a reasonable flop bet

    Shove turn if :K? :Q? :J? :atc1 :club show. Otherwise check again see what happens

    I agree that if expectation is a lot of callers preflop (this would happen a lot where I play 1-2) then just call preflop.

    Because of 5-6x raises and the possibility of multiple callers in certain spots where I play, using SPR as my guiding principle when raising, 3-betting or 4 betting has really helped me. I purposely create low ones and avoid creating them depending on each situation
  • GabeyJGabeyJ Red Chipper Posts: 436 ✭✭✭
    Why are we scared to play KQs oop?
  • rjevskiyrjevskiy Red Chipper Posts: 90 ✭✭
    If two other players are good as you think than most likely they would raise preflop with 99+, AT+ or AX suited hand. Because they did not I would do C-Bet for $45-$55 and fold if re-raised. We have second pair with backdoor flush and possible straight. Seems to be a good semi bluff
  • cmcneillycmcneilly Red Chipper Posts: 5
    Betting out doesn't achieve too much I don't think. No A is going to fold, so you're likely only folding out worse hands. Check/call sounds best to me, although I do agree with earlier poster who suggested a check pre. I play in similar loose games as well and raising in BB only bloats the pot, and often puts me in an awkward position on the flop with goofy stack sizes.
  • persuadeopersuadeo Red Chipper Posts: 4,308 ✭✭✭✭✭
    The only real mysteries in this hand are that you had a plan to "shove a lot of flops" and now seem to be hesitating. Respectively, 1) why is that your plan in this game, and 2) why not follow through?

    Blast it in as semi-bluff and fold out a fish with A5o; it's also a nice combo bet which can get called by a worse pair and flush draw. Stacks are impossible for anything else besides a check-raise, which is also cool, but which you might not get to do.

    Sounds like a fun, soft game and you should be generating big pots, and not always with the best of it. This will encourage players to get more money on the table in the long run.

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