Non-nut draw on a dynamic board

Patrick LawlerPatrick Lawler Red Chipper Posts: 108 ✭✭
Sitting with £370 in a live £1/£2 game with :6d:7d UTG+1

The £5 straddle is live and I make it £10. I had been card dead for a while and had a pretty tight image at the table to get in with a nice implied odds type of hand. I get three callers including UTG.
(Should I have made this bet bigger? In hindsight I feel that I made it too accessible to other players with a lower strength hand)

:5s:9s:Kh (Pot £41)

UTG leads for £15, I feel that my gut shot is worth a look at the turn here with the intention to fold to any further aggression from late position.
All others fold, heads up to the turn.

:4h (Pot £71)

UTG leads again, this time for £30. Of course if I hadn't picked up more equity on the turn I fold here but I did, so I make the call.
(Thoughts on this call? I think that any rivers that make my straight are pretty innocuous to a big(ish) King so my implied odds are quite strong.

:3s (Pot £131)

Woooo I hit my straight, boooo the front door flush came in.... UTG leads again for £65. I now feel that he's polarised to a flush or a King. In my head I've decided that it's more often a king and make the call.

Comments welcome on any any all decisions above...

Results to follow after your comments.



  • SplitSuitSplitSuit RCP Coach Posts: 4,069 -
    Let's start with PF. You are 100% spot on that $10 is not the best size to use. First, you've been tight so players WANT to try and crack your strong hand and 80% of the table has position on you. Secondly, you give everyone a sick price. Third, you don't accomplish anything.

    If you want to play this, go to $20 and start from there =)
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  • Patrick LawlerPatrick Lawler Red Chipper Posts: 108 ✭✭
    Thanks James!

    Yeah it was one of those moments that I instantly knew I'd made a mistake. The standard open at the table was £10-£12 and i think i went in to auto-pilot.

    in the end he has indeed go in cheap with junk (10s 6s) and got there on the river.

    Time to work on my bet sizing i think...

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