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SamuelSamuel Red Chipper Posts: 18
$2-$5 live game. Hero raises from CO with Ac9c to 20. BU, who has $5 already in for missing blind, calls, as does the SB. Pot is $60 after rake. All three players have approximately $500 in front of them.

Flop comes AhJh9h. SB checks. Hero bets $45. BU raises to $145. SB folds. While Hero is tanking, BU tells Hero he can see one card. Hero picks one, turns it over, and its the Th. What should Hero do and why?


  • SplitSuitSplitSuit RCP Coach Posts: 4,082 -
    Hey Samuel! Two things:

    1. When starting a thread make sure to use the card deck as it makes it easier to follow the hand (you can click the little spade icon when writing your post to find all the card images)
    2. Do you have any information at all on the button?
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  • SamuelSamuel Red Chipper Posts: 18
    1. Thank you for telling me how to do the card deck. I didn't know how people were doing that until now. I'll use it going forward.

    2. He's a regular. He has been playing poker for a long time - was one of the first to play at Hustler when it switched from El Dorado. He is, at best, a break even player. Normally, he's pretty quiet, but on this night he's talking more and has had more than usual to drink. He's saying he's drunk, but he is exaggerating. He has played with me a ton and always says I'm a "professional" (which I'm obviously not). Normally I'd say he's pretty tight, but he's definitely making more moves on this night than usual. I've never seen him offer to show a card to anyone before this hand.

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