027 - For the Poker Players' Loved Ones

Sit your friends, family or significant other down at their favorite device and play this week's podcast. It's not for you, poker player, it's For the Poker Players' Loved Ones.

If you've ever struggled to educate the people in your life about what exactly you do sitting at a poker table for hours on end, this one should help a lot. Let us know how it's received!
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  • ImperatorImperator Red Chipper Posts: 899 ✭✭✭
    Doug in this podcast says that if the player in your life is studying, and keeping records, and journals, etc., then you should be pretty sure that they don't have a gambling problem.

    So my daughter listens to this and says to me: "But what if you are addicted to studying poker?! What do we do then?"
  • Doug HullDoug Hull RCP Coach Posts: 1,876 -
    Oh clearly you need to buy books by Miller, Hull and Sweeney. The book by Soto has a chapter on getting past books... :)
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  • ImperatorImperator Red Chipper Posts: 899 ✭✭✭
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    I have books by Miller, 4 of them. I will get your math book. I have Sweeney's "Journal." I have watched your hand-ranging videos and somewhere down the road will make my own ranges for similar situations and similar flop, turn, river bets. I have watched as many of Sweeney's videos from YouTube etc as I can. When I allow myself to take my money out of my poker bankroll I will buy Sweeney's reading ranges course.

    I think my daughter's complaint is that I already have a library of more than 5000 books. I think she wants me to play poker more and study less.

    My girlfriend wants this too. Go figure.

    I already play two to three nights a week. What do they want from me? I also have to keep up with my day job for Zeus's sake.

    Do you think it's a conspiracy to get me out of the house? (I'm a writer and work at home so maybe that's the idea.)

    But seriously, I think they both like the fact that I keep my poker bankroll separate from everything else. Also my girlfriend is an accountant and she actually keeps track of my poker money. (She's a Korean who loves poker herself. She loves to go to the Casino with me. But hates the testosterone fueled carpet-joints and fake "home-games". I wish the poker rooms were more female friendly. )

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