Big stacked, adjusting to effective stacks

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I was recently playing in a tourney with blinds at 600/1200 I had about 100000 in chips and had been steamrolling the table, however two players with 8-12bb stacks were just moved to my direct left. I continued trying to steal blinds with 4500 bets if I was first to enter from c/o or button. Essentially every time I would one of the blinds would shove. Should I just be shoving myself seeing as effective stacks are 12bb or should I be tightening my steal range.. I was playing hands like 22, AJo, and KQo. Not sure if I've included all Information necessary if you need more please let me know.. also would like to know some things I should be doing/looking for when big stacked it's probably the worst part of my game..


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    If blinds are 6\12 and you are raising to 45. Pot is already 6300 + 12000 shove making it 18.3k roughly with about 8k for you to call their all in. Makes it an autocall. Pricing yourself in doesn't mean you are making good plays. Tourney raises should be much smaller then standard 4x or 5x you open with in cash games.

    If they only have 8-12bb it should not take much to make them fold which you can literally open 100% of your range on button and possibly co and they won't adjust wide enough to exploit you.

    Blinds 600\1200. I would be raising between 2400-3600. I usually would make it 3200 here because it is 2k more on top of the blind so it just looks nice even though its rather small.

    Stick to raising 2x-3x in tourneys. Early stages 4x is ok but never really bigger than that unless there is action in front.

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