TT on UTG+2 with BTN Straddled

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(380)Hero has been playing tight.
(320)Villain just moved to our table from Omaha table, where he won $4k pot and roughly had $6k. He sat down with $300 and it was his first BTN position and straddling.

(380)HERO UTG +2, :Tc:Td BTN straddled $5, SB and BB calls $5, UTG1 folds, Hero Calls, MP calls.
BTN raise to $30. Folded to Hero and makes the call. Heads up.

Flop($70): :4c:4d:5s . rainbow. Hero bets$55 and V calls.
Turn($180): :5h Hero bets $75, and he says he just want to see an ace blahblah and calls.
River($330): :Qc Hero checks. V bets $75. Hero makes 4:1 call.
Hero had QQ.

Q1: Should I have raised preflop to like, $25 and fold to 3bet from BTN? What if he flats?
(When I just limp for $5, I was expecting the BTN to raise with Ax range and planning to call.)

Q2: Should I have folded on the river?
(When he called me on the turn, I gave him a range like: A babies to AK, AJ, AQ, A9, JJ~ 77.
since he didn't show any aggression, just calling down my bets,, I was frustrated and checked the river. on the flop, and the turn, I was so tempted to shove, mainly not to see an over cards, like A, K, Q..)


  • GabeyJGabeyJ Red Chipper Posts: 436 ✭✭✭
    I'm personally raising pre-flop I'm curious as to why you did not?

    And as for what to do if you get 3 bet. I don't think I'm tossing them right away unless I know Villian is only doing this with QQ+ another option although more risky is to 4 bet. You may be surprised how many people fold QQ to a 4 bet pre. But if he is also just being a bully you take it down right there.
  • persuadeopersuadeo Red Chipper Posts: 4,308 ✭✭✭✭✭
    Q1: Yes. There is a place for limping, but I think you will find it easier to play your hand if you take the straightforward route, until you are more comfortable taking alternative lines. Bet/raise folding your way through the low stakes is going to be your easy button.

    Q2: Perhaps, but it is not a particularly relevant question. Somehow you arrived here, and it is more beneficial to see how you put yourself in this situation by limp calling, leading once and doing so unnecessarily large, then leading again, only this time oddly small, and now being faced with the guessing game on the river.

    I would tell you why I think it's a fold on the river, but it's just not going to help your game; your preflop and flop decisions are going to be the bread and butter of your poker game.

    Fortunately villain butchered this hand and did not get your stack.
  • JinplydbstJinplydbst Red Chipper Posts: 53
    yeah,,, why the hell did I limp??
    After this hand, we found out that this guy is super lag, play K8o, 42s this kind of shit hands, but some how makes the flush and straight and trips against AA, he played there for 1hr and made +$500...super lucky lag..

    Playing straight forward is some what optimal to my game level, I don't know why I was just limped,, if I was first to call, then I might have raised, but after two limpers,, and when BTN raised to $30, It really took me a while to think about folding/raising.... but just flat called....weak play..Also, I gave him very little credit, you know, raising from BTN straddler ..
  • Ed MillerEd Miller RCP Coach Posts: 330
    I would have raised pre, but if I somehow limped, I'd 3-bet pre so fast. It's a ridiculously +EV situation to 3-bet pre. The button straddle can potentially have any two and be just raising the straddle. And you limped after two limpers and now you 3-bet a possible straddle-raise. Looks like total BS, but you actually have a big hand. I'd 3-bet and expect to get big action from crap like 7-5 offsuit.
  • Ed MillerEd Miller RCP Coach Posts: 330
    BTW, I like limping pre if you expect a straddle raise just for the opportunity to put in the BS 3-bet.
  • JinplydbstJinplydbst Red Chipper Posts: 53
    Obviously, I knew that BTN would reraise with straddle but didn't have gut to 3 bet/fold...

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