2 Hands to Crazy Lag..

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Hero has been playing tight but ran few bluffs.
this is live 1-2 no limit.

($230) Hero :Ah:Qd on CO.
Preflop: 1 limp from MP and folded to Hero and makes it $12.
($300) SB calls. Heads up. (SB has been playing so laggy, betting every round, and play shit hands.)
Flop($25): :9c:3d:6d
V bets $25, Hero raise to $70. V takes a while and calls.
Turn($160): :9s
V bets $100. Hero folds. and V shows :Qc:3c

I think it was a good get away against this crazy guy, but I am curios about the flop reraise. is it better to call and go aggressive on the turn?

Later on, the same V and Hero got into similar situation.
($200) Hero :As:8s on the BTN.
two limper, Hero raise to $17, planning to add bluff.
($450) BB( the lag guy) calls.
Flop($35): :8h:5c:2d
BB bets $30. Hero reraise to $70. V quickly calls.
Turn($175): :6c
V bets $105. and Hero shoves. V calls.
River card is. :9s
V shows :6d:8d

I knew that I was good on the flop, and thought good until the turn. Knew he had a peice and doubting he made two pair..but he did..

I should have not bluffed against lags,,,without two pair or better,, I was little upsetting from the previous :Qc:3c call from V..


  • GabeyJGabeyJ Red Chipper Posts: 436 ✭✭✭
    So it's a little confusing having two hands in the same post.

    But hand 1 I think a turn raise is always stronger many lag with a piece of the flop aren't going anywhere you then set yourself up for what happened on the turn. He bets out knowing your prob don't have a 9 so when the 9 comes out his cards don't even matter he bets you fold. If you just call his original bet and blast the turn he folds.

    And as for the 2nd hand I'm not to sure I'm a fan of this at all. And I'm a somewhat. Aggressive player but I don't see why we are raising this flop? What was your thought process here? Were you just trying to play for stacks on the flop with top top? And figured you might as well get it in with a player who calls with to many hands? And I don't think you get paid off here often lag will prob not call another bet when over cards come out or anything that misses his hand. But I think if you don't raise him it's likely he will put in at least 1 more barrel. And I know it's tough and I'm not saying I would fold but you could have folded to him on turn I think when he bets it's clear you're toast. But I have called in that situation many times. I'd prob be in call down mode against this lag from the start of the hand especially after the way our previous hand played out. But that's just me I could be really far off base
  • persuadeopersuadeo Red Chipper Posts: 4,308 ✭✭✭✭✭
    I think your post flop bet sizings are on the small side and tend to build pots. The similarity in both hands is that you are doing this with somewhat marginal holdings, which plays into your villain's tendencies and forces you into tough spots.

    In hand one, your opponent was able to interpret your hand as a flush draw, and use the 9 to counter your next bet. Pretty good play by him.

    In hand two, the turn card is not a blank, as it fills in 34, two gutshots, and multiple common two pair holdings. A flop call, lead turn is a very strong line in general. Here you were outplayed.

    I think overall you need to slow down, pay attention to your opponent's potential holdings, and formulate a more coherent plan against this type of player. You do not want to bloat the pot with marginal holdings against an opponent who is more comfortable than you with equivalent hands. You should be using his tendencies against him, and let him barrel into your marginal value hands, and conversely, build the pots with your nuttish hands.
  • JinplydbstJinplydbst Red Chipper Posts: 53
    Thank you guys,, for sharing ideas. It really helps a lot.
    Yes, I thought about it after the first hand that, I need two pair or better to go top against this Villain..
    But, I think I was little hurry and played it in wrong mindset..
  • Ed MillerEd Miller RCP Coach Posts: 330
    Man I think you guys are too timid against this player type. After hand 1, I play hand 2 the same way. Stacks are not deep, and you have top pair, top kicker. I think flop raise is solid for value and then while that's not the best turn card, I'm not gonna fold it either. He can have 87 or 76 or whatever as well. Or like Q2 apparently.
  • JinplydbstJinplydbst Red Chipper Posts: 53
    Ed, Thank you for giving me a thought.
    Yes, I was trying to make same play to catch his weak pair with my TPTK.
    On the flop I knew I was good, but he got lucky on the turn and ..so on...

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