Hey everyone!

RafaelKleinRafaelKlein Red Chipper Posts: 3
Hey everyone

I'm a brazilian 20y/o guy who loves poker.
However, due to my lack of time (I study Business and work as an intern in an investment fund), I have few time to study and play.
I've been intensively playing for reasonable time (three years). However, I still strugle beating the microstakes cash games as Pokerstars.
I hope that this forum helps me and that I'll be able to help others

Greetings from Brazil!


  • SplitSuitSplitSuit RCP Coach Posts: 3,950 -
    Welcome to RCP Rafael! Just make sure to both post hands AND respond to other people's hands too. That way you can ensure your lines are solid from a variety of view points =)
    My new book lays out the playbook for AK. Grab your copy and start Optimizing Ace King!

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