Small Donk Bet vs. KK

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1-2 Live

Hero in MP1- $350
Villain in SB- $300 ( no read, just sat down from another table)

Hero opens for $12 with :Kh:Kc
SB- Calls

Flop: :9d:9s:4d

SB- bets $7
Hero raises to $40
CO folds
BU folds
SB reraises all in

Hero folds
I really thought I was beat. Running it through Equilab I was a huge favorite vs. any range when I raised and a favorite vs. ranges that included flush draws on the all in. I had no way of knowing if a semi bluff was in villain's game. My only clue was the donk bet

The small donk bet really threw me. How do others view donk bets in general and this tiny one in particular?

All thoughts on the hand/subject appreciated


  • tagliustaglius Red Chipper Posts: 290 ✭✭
    With zero reads, I probably play it exactly the same. (disclaimer: I am often accused of being a nit).
  • Ed MillerEd Miller RCP Coach Posts: 330
    A small donk bet is usually a weak hand or draw trying to set a price or probe for info. Every once in a while, it's an attempt to generate action. As a result I would raise this bet for sure... and I'd feel sick about the all-in, because even though it's uncommon for someone to fish for action this way, when they shove that's sure what it looks like they're doing. I'd probably fold to the all-in too, but I'd have to make a live read first.

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