Soto vs Forum 99 hand

SullySully Red Chipper Posts: 772 ✭✭✭
I have a different thought process about this hand. I moved down to 1-2 to work on hands like this.

I believe it is very important to pound away IP . My plan is to "lose control of my bluffing range"

99 here is potentially as worthless as :4h :5h , :8c :9c . I do not see any value at all to the check. I am very far away from GTO land. I would positively bet this. Is an A folding? a 10? JJ? no

On the turn I plan on double barrelling many cards. Will these hands fold? Many of them, including the A5s that limped called, will fold and say "you must have it"

I would not do this vs, Ace loversor fish, but regs will give it up all day long

I also believe that in the meta game I will get paid off more with my value hands. I believe I get these benefits both in a 5-6 hour session and over weeks vs regs



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