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1/2 with $5 bring-in. 8-handed. Casino. Table agreed to $5 UTG straddle.

I play PLO 3-5 times a year. I really like the game but it runs too big for me to play regularly. I have read most of Jeff Hwang's books but I haven't picked one up in a year, maybe longer. So I have a couple decision points here.

Today's game has been running pretty wild, but maybe I just got dizzy as I moved over from a 2/5 game where my stack fluctuated maybe $50 over 3 hours.

Villain #1 UTG +1 $250. I'm not kidding - I don't think he folded pre-flop at all. He has been at the table for maybe an hour. He keeps buying in for $300 and is on his 5th or 6th bullet.

Villain #2 HJ $462. This guy talked like he played PLO a lot. He played plenty of hands and 3 bet fairly frequently, maybe the most at the table.

Hero CO $1k - I hit a couple hands through out the session (about 2 hours) and have doubled up.

Villain #3 Button $3k. He's been at the table for 20-30 minutes. On his first hand he got it all in ($500 against Villain #1 and another player) with QT97 rainbow. He won the hand. He then went on to felt a couple more players. He's a regular in the game, I think.


Villain #1 raises to $20.
UTG +2 calls
Villain #2 makes it $85
Hero calls with :Jc :Tc :8c :7h
Villain #3 makes it $300
Villain #1 calls his $250
Villain #2 shoves for $462

1) Should I have called the $85 pre-flop?

2) I did. So, can I make the call of $462 knowing that Villain #3 can only call behind me? It's $377 more and there's already $1,259 in the pot (that includes Villain #3 call of $162)


  • blasterblaster Red Chipper Posts: 83 ✭✭
    1) No
    2) No
    Just my opinion , whatever that's worth. 3 clubs, middle gap, players to act behind, No go for me here pre flop. Omaha is played for stacks almost every hand and this one is going to be really tough to defend with if/when the action takes off behind you. As for calling it off...... go ahead if you're there to gamble it up. If not, it sounds like a great game that should produce a better spot than this one.

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