77 vs min Raise

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Playing in my normal club game 1/2. Only straddle comes when I am UTG. Player does this overtime he has the button. I have been abusing this spot with decent holdings and raising from top. He called a few time then folded on monotone flops to my bet. He was lighting lots of money on fire.
There is a history between me and V and I have been on the losing end. We usually play for stacks when we get involved with each other. If he reraises he has JJ+ AQo+. He min raised on a previous session with AA where we both hit a set.

Straddle on button for 10
Hero (350) UTG :7d :7s raise to 35
V in CO (covers Hero) mine aise to 70
V range includes AQo+ JJ+ so I know I am behind or flipping at best
Pot 115 I would be getting almost 3:1 on a call should Hero call or just give up OOP?
We both are deep so I am thinking a call would not be bad but a 4 bet maybe better(don't think he can fold to a 4b though) fold is probably the worst of it?


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