How would you interpret this action?

bmaddenbmadden Red Chipper Posts: 35 ✭✭
For some reason I have seen this a lot more lately than I used to so it got me wondering..............

Essentially it comes after a hand in which I make a disciplined fold based on the concept that your average 1/2 or 2/5 player does not bluff often enough to call a massive river shove where I am getting 2 to 1 or worse odds on a call.

I apologize in advance as I am not as good at teaching or explaining as I am at playing. lol
For example......(this hand history is not exact but close enough)....

1/2 NL. villain and I are both 200 plus BB deep.
I have position.
villian raises from mp1 to 10 I call from button.
I have black 7s and flop comes 7 10 6 with 2 spades.
I bet 30 (pot) villain calls. pot around 60. still around 350 behind.
turn is a brick. I bet 45 villain calls. pot around 150 still over 300 behind.
river is As. I bet 75 trying to get a call from what appears to be a weak range.
villain cr all in. I tank for around 30 seconds but fold due to this players tight passive tendencies that I have noticed after about 3 hours of play I dont feel he is bluffing often enough sophisticated enough to read my bet sizing or overvaluing a hand that i beat due to him shoving for my last 225. (i.e. this guy would probably just call with 2 pair or a set of sixes.)

So. now here is the interesting (to me) part. After I fold he shows the Ks. I have seen other players do this occasionally and I have always thought (wrongly perhaps) that when a player does this after I fold it usually means they had it and want me (and the table) to think they could have been bluffing because IF they really were bluffing why not just show both cards? In your experience what have you found this to usually indicate?
I have searched to see if someone has an opinion on this on any of the numerous forums and surprisingly I can find no opinions on this? I stated my assumption above. What do all of you think?


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