Loose $1/$2 games: limp, raise, fold?

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I play in a loose $1/2 game where the open is to $5 (basically shallow stack 500NL game). The game plays rather loose / passive. I wanted to re-think my preflop strategy about isolating and employing some limping in my game to reduce variance. I mean if the fish are not folding preflop then I should only raise premiums and limp in the rest right?

Here is an example of a hand I played today. What are your thoughts on the hand as well as preflop strategy going forward in these type of games?

EP1 fold
EP2 all in $12
HJ (whale) calls $12
CO Hero :Ah :Qh Raise to $55
BU: folds
SB: calls $55
HJ: folds

FLOP: :Ts :9d :5d
TUrn: :Ts :9d :5d :6s
River: TUrn: :Ts :9d :5d :6s :Jc

SB: proudly shows A9s
EP: shows KT
Hero: mucks

This seems to be common in my game where I raise to $20 after 2 limpers or $25 depending on strength of my hand and get shown a variety of hands from 73s to T8o. I rather not raise to $40 preflop with and play 2-3 ways with pocket 7s with a SPR of 2.

Sweeny's article describes either raising big to get heads up or limping behind and stick to a guide line of TT+ AQ+.

Based on this article and structure of my game I think I may have to employ this type of strategy. Now I just need to construct limping ranges. I am going to do some studying on over limping in loose / passive game, but I do not want to go too wide as it is $5 open and I know hands like 86s require like 30x to be played profitably.


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    Always raising AQ+, 99+

    Over limping:
    EP / MP:
    J10s+, 22-88, KQ, AJ

    87s+, 22-88, KQ, AJ, Suited brodways

    65s+, 22-88, 75s+,A2s+, broadways

    43s+, 22-88, 64s+, broadways, A2s+, A8+
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    I would say ranges look fine. What I would do is start looking for players that play fit or fold and then you can exploit them as well. I picked up in my game one player has small pair and draws he will bet light. Last night he did that and I raised on several occasions and took down all the limps and his raise. They all fold to him because they think he is a nit. I also had player straddling 10 on his button(didn't he listen to the podcast about straddling?) putting me First to act and I started raising here got some folds and call but would fold with cbet. My game is similar but there is a number they will fold to. I know 100+ is crazy to raise to get folds without premiums but they will fold and say why u make it so much(i don't do this often cuz they don't seem to care about money).
    How do you work on Hand Analysis assigning ranges? I was thinking about this earlier what do I assign them since they call ATSC or Broadways with shitty Kicker.
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    Hand ranges are very wide. Use timing tells to decide if they have top pair or a draw.

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