MTT - 98s vs two loose shoves

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Hi there,

As I have mentioned elsewhere, I am still very much a beginner to live play and for that matter, to tournament play in general so apologies in advance if this is a really basic question!

I was at my local pub tourney that I have started attending recently. It's a cheap night and quite a relaxed atmosphere so I guess, not surprisingly, the play is at times very loose and not too aggressive.

So I was sitting in HJ with :9d:8d and was thinking about open raising when the guy on UTG went all-in. He had already shown some very loose play and before he did this, he had confirmed twice that 'there are only three hands to go to the break, right?' The break being the last chance to rebuy. So - I assumed - he would be shoving with a very wide range especially as his stack was more than half down.

The guy to my left who had been equally loose was doing his usual tell of showing himself very eager to call and that would take him all-in too.

So I folded thinking that it would be better to leave the two of them to bash heads together. And sure enough the UTG guy had something ridiculous like :7h:3s and the guy to my left :5h:4c and UTG won with 7 high...

But was he being ridiculous? With the last chance to rebuy approaching, was he correct to shove with ATC? And more to the point, was I being far too nitty folding what turned out to be two cards with good equity?

But if I had called then although I wasn't covered, my stack would have been seriously depleted forcing me then presumably to have to go all-in with anything before I lost the chance to rebuy.

I guess what's really driving this is the fact - the joy of hindsight! - that the flop was 98x and yes, I would have won both their stacks with all the implications that that would have had for the rest of the tournament.

But am I allowing myself to be too results-orientated there rather than focusing on what is the correct play regardless of the actual outcome? Or is 98s - against these types of villain - strong enough to go for it?

As I say, sorry if it's a rather basic sort of question but it's the sort of thing that sticks with me for a while. Regrets, oh I've had a few... :)

All the best,



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    you should insta-fold and not think twice about it. You are gaining standing in the tournament just by having both of these guys all-in - one of them gets knocked out or crippled and you move up the ladder by folding.

    Once you've made the correct decision, it doesn't matter what cards come.
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    ^^ exactly what he said
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    TLDW: Fold, you are just barely ahead of a 100% shipping range.
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  • aFishnHisChipsaFishnHisChips Red Chipper Posts: 70
    Oh wow, thank you guys for that - and especially Doug for taking the time to create a video. Wow, I do love 21st multimedia delights :) Not to mention the neat reminder that I *really* need to get Flopzilla!

    So yes, really appreciate your thoughts and reassurance that I did the right thing in folding. I feel a lot better now and one less regret in life to worry about ;)

    All the best and cheers again,

  • SullySully Red Chipper Posts: 780 ✭✭✭
    I think the most important word in the post is "pub"

    Sounds like fun :) :)
  • aFishnHisChipsaFishnHisChips Red Chipper Posts: 70
    sullyooo wrote:
    I think the most important word in the post is "pub"

    Sounds like fun :) :)

    I just noticed this - and my answer is YES! It's a lot of fun :)

    It's actually been a really exciting time lately in which my eyes have been opened to a whole new experience of poker away from my laptop. Yeah, who knew huh? That you could actually play it with human beings over a pint and a laugh?! Totally rad....

    So I am endlessly banging on about this now to my mates when I tell them get out there and play the old school way! :)

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