Another Broadway holding & river decision

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Cash game, 1/2
Hero image is tag-ish, 170BB, been mostly card dead all session, getting boredom tilt.
Villain is an aggro fish, min-3 betting a lot with junkie hands, squeezing a lot. Bad player, double barrels a lot post flop with nothing, doesn't fold until the river.

Weak-passive in EP raises to 7
Aggro fish in cutoff raises to 14
Hero is button with :Kh :Jh , calls
Weak passive calls

Flop :Qc :Tc :Ts

Checks to aggro who cbets 20, hero calls, weak passive folds. I think I should have attacked this cbet, it was weak. I thought at the time that raising just wouldn't achieve much since he doesn't fold.

Turn :Kd

Aggro bets 40, hero calls.

River :Jd

Villain checks cards for a long time, then bets 65. So I feel like I'm probably beat here since just going back through the hand his min 3-bet is v Ax heavy. Plugging a wide range into equilab I don't think I should call despite getting a good price, needing 22% equity to breakeven. Thoughts on optimal play versus this player type? Pretty frustrated with how passive I played the hand in the end.


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