Hand #3: XX on 882

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Opening: All pocket pairs, suited connectors 78s+, QJo worst Broadway. Also opening suited gappers J9s+, KTs as well as A9s+. 16% open (210 combos)

FLOP: :8s:8c:2c

Betting all pocket pairs, flush draws, BDFD, AK, trips+. Giving up on unsuited Broadways except AK/AQo and giving up all aces that have no flush draw possibilities. I am betting 138/198 combos for 70% of my previous range.

Turn: :Ts

Folding pocket pairs 99 or worse. I am shoving trips or better and AA-QQ. My defending range makes up most of my combos in this spot. I am defending with combo draws, JJ, and all remaining flush draws. Overall shove/defend 77 of 134 combos for 57%.

My primary focus with an unknown donking the turn is to defend with hands that can improve a decent amount of the time as well as hands that have showdown value in case his bet is a blocker used to draw cheaply. I decided to go with a lower frequency than usual vs. an unknown with a 200bb stack, erring on the side of caution but yet not giving him full credit for a super strong hand.


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    Hand #3
    Range: All prs, all AXs, all double BWay suited, AQo+
    % Form 14% Combos 190
    Open entire range

    Flop: 8s, 8c, 2c
    Range 37%, combos 64
    Will bet overpairs +, Flush draws
    Ck-Fold: 33-77; AQo+

    Turn: 8s, 8c, 2c // Ts
    Range 90%; 55 combos
    All in: JJ+; all trips (kickers ok); Quads, FH's; (37 combos)
    Call: Flush draws (10 combos); TT-99 (8 combos)
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    Add Bluff A2s-A5s on Flop.
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    It seems I nitted this up immensely.

    Preflop my range is 13.9% - 184 combos
    (55+, AJo+, suited broadways, KQo, some suited connectors & a few suited baby aces.

    FLOP: :8s:8c:2c

    On the flop I tend to play quite honest threeway. Would bet my overpairs, 88, 98 & 87
    23.6% & 41 combo's

    Turn: :Ts

    When the turn comes a T the bb could have a hand like :Th:8h or :Td:8d or TT (mubs?)
    So I simply call my overpairs & 98, 87 & go all-in with 88, TT.
    This is 10.5% of the previous range & only 4 combo's.
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    You have to find some balance in your range or you'll never get paid off in spots like these. Consider adding some semi-bluffs with flush draws and betting overs. Lots of hands that villian will proceed with here including medium pocket pairs, are high sometimes, and flush draws.
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    Preflop my range is 13.1% - 174 combos
    (22+, AJs+, A5s-A2s, KJs+, JTs, T9s, 98s, AJo+, KQo

    Weakest Broadway KJs
    Pocket Pair 22
    I have A-2s-A-5s for weak
    Outside that Range 9 8s outside that range

    FLOP: :8s:8c:2c

    Range on flop 99+, 77-66, 8d8h, 2h2s, 2d2s, 2d2h, AJs+, A5s-A3s, As2s, Ah2h, Ad2d, KJs+, JTs, T9s, 9h8h, 9d8d, AJo+
    If I open raise I am betting most of range here
    76%of flop range & 133 combo's
    Overpairs yes Flush draws yes AK yes

    Turn: :Ts

    Range TT+, 8d8h, 2h2s, 2d2s, 2d2h, AJs+, A5s-A3s, As2s, Ah2h, Ad2d, KJs+, JTs, T9s, 9h8h, 9d8d, AKo
    65% of flop range 86 combos
    All in overpairs yes
    Flush draws yes
    99 no

    I can make these plays while doing this but in the heat of battle it seems like I freeze. How do I work on this?
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    Preflop Range: 17% - 222 combos
    (22+, AJs+, A2s+, KTs+, JTs, 65s+ T9s, AJo+, KQo)

    Weakest Broadway: KTs
    Weakest Pocket Pair: 22
    Outside that Range: A2s+, 65s, 76s, J9s

    FLOP: :8s:8c:2c
    Flop C-Bet Range: 68% - 134 combos
    88, 22, 98s, 87s, A8s, 99-AA, flush draws, 76s, 65s, AJ-AQ
    Bet or Check?
    Overpairs: bet
    Flush draws: bet
    AK: check 3/4, bet 1/4 (bet AcKc, AcKx)

    Turn: :Ts
    Range that calls/ships: 57% - 75 combos
    88, TT, 22, 98, 87, A8s, JJ-AA, club flush draws, spade flush draws
    Overpairs: call
    Flush Draws: call
    99: fold

    What hands are people shoving here? I'm having trouble coming up with a lot of hands I should shove here, especially vs an unknown.

    My default read on an unknown at a $1/2 table is that they're bad. I interpret this as meaning there's a much higher probability they will slowplay an 8. I prefer to use my position here and just call so that I can see how villain behaves on the river. Unless they are very competent, I expect to get a good bet sizing tell about the strength of villain's hand on the river relative to the board and still have all my options available.

    Villain's holdings here seem pretty narrow to me: 8-X, T-Xcc, or maybe some oddly played JJ or QQ waiting for a safe card, ie, no flush on the turn.

    What do others think is villain's range here?

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    @mbehr1983 I like your question of how we put this into practice. It's not clear this detailed, sometimes tedious work will help us in our split-second, at-the-table decisions...

    I'm not sure what the answer is exactly, but I can share about something positive that I've noticed is happening at the tables when I play now that I've been putting in some time on this hand reading and range analysis: it's empowering me to think more dispassionately about hand outcomes.

    Rather than responding to an individual card on the flop/turn/river with "Oh, that's good/bad for my hand right now," I'm thinking more in terms, "what other hands do I have here in addition to this one?" Or if a c-bet doesn't work, or if I get looked up light, I'm able to respond less emotionally and say something like, "I'd still play this the same because that turn card really helps a lot the holdings I show up with here (even though in this particular hand it didn't)."

    Mind you, I didn't do anything concrete for this to happen, I just noticed that it was.
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    Preflop Range:

    14.3%, 190 combos

    Weakest Broadway: JTs
    Weakest Pocket Pair: 22
    Do you raise any hands outside of that range-like suited connectors or A5s?
    I would stick to my 14.3% range unless I had very good reason to deviate from it.
    That said I'm still opening all suited aces and suited connectors T9s-76s.
    I might add 65s-43s and KQo, AJo if I think I can get HU with the terrible player but with that many players behind I'm going to stick to my 14.3% for the most part.

    Flop: :8s:8c:2c

    Your Flop CB Range:
    AA-88 ,22, A8s, 98s, 87s AcKc,AcQc,AcJc,AcTc,Ac9c,Ac7c,Ac6c,Ac5c,Ac4c,Ac3c

    32% of previous range, 56 of 175 combos

    Bet or check flop with:
    Overpairs? Bet
    Flush Draws? Bet all A high flush draws. Check rest.
    Ace King? Bet AcKc. Check rest.

    Turn: :8s:8c:2c:Ts

    Shove range: TT,88,22,A8s,98s,87s,[50]AA-JJ[/50]

    BB leads. Are you going to fold, call, or shove with:
    Overpairs? 50% shove, 50% call
    Flush Draws? Fold all
    99? Fold

    47% of previous range, 25 of 53 combos
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    It seems most people here have quite wide shoving ranges on the turn. Can y'all please explain your thinking here?

    In my experience, donk bets from poor players (we have to assume an unknown 1-2 player is poor) are usually marginal hands and often fold to pressure. For this reason, I'd elect to call with all my strong hands and only shove draws here, expecting folds a very large percentage of the time.
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    Hand 3
    MP Open
    PP: 22+ 78 Combos 37.86%
    Suited: A2+ KT+ QT+ JTs T9s 98s 84 Combos 40.77%
    Unsuited AJo+ KQo 48 Combos 23.30%
    Total Combos: 206
    % Form: 15.5%
    Weakest Broadway: JTs 4 Combos 1.94%
    PP: 22+ 78 Combos 37.86%
    Total Combos: 190
    % Form: 98.4%
    Quads: 88 1 Combo .53%
    Full House: 22 3 Combos 1.57%
    Trips: A8s 98s 4 Combos 2.1%
    Over PP: 99+ 36 Combos 33.02%
    PP Under TP: 77-33 30 Combos 15.7%
    Ace High: A3s- A7s A9+ AJo+ 76 Combos 40%
    Flush Draw: A3s- A7s A9s+ KTs+ QTs+ JTs T9s 17 Combos 8.95%
    Over Cards A9s+ KTs+ QTs+ JTs T9s AJo+ KQo 96 Combos 50.52%
    I know this line is not the best play but it is straight forward poker. I am going to improve my game and come back to all these question. With the solid TAG behind me I am going to assume I cannot trap and gain value on this guy.
    Would I Bet or check with:
    Over Pairs: Bet
    Flush Draws: Check
    Ace King: Check
    Total Combos: 64
    % Form: 35.1%
    My thought process here is looking back to PreFlop for $8.00 bucks he is getting like 3:1 on his money for that price I can see a possible 80 combos with an 8 so my all in range here is going to be very small
    All In:
    Quads: 88 1 Combo 1.56%
    Full House: TT 22 6 Combos 9.37%
    Trips: A8s 98s 4 Combos 6.25%
    Over Pair: JJ+ 24 Combos 37.5%
    Flush Draws: A3s- A7s A9s Ajs+ KTs+ QTs+ JTs T9s 29 Combos 45.3%
    Would I go all-in with:
    Over Pairs: No
    Flush Draws: No
    99: No
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    Is shoving with overpair on the turn a good idea in this hand? Let say you have one of the following [AA-99, excluding TT] on the turn. Is shoving ALL in a +EV play? There is no worst hand than overpair that is going to call this shove. The shove will create a pot of 310 requiring the unknown to call with 160 more. Will any unknown call here unless he has us beat?
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    Notes on situation: Lively table, lots of big pots won by non-nut hands
    Opening from MP1 with mix of players behind, including a TAG in CO and LAG in BTN
    We are OOP vs bad player in MP2 so using a fairly standard range preflop

    Preflop Range: AA-22,AKo-AJo,KQo,AKs-A2s,KQs-KTs,QJs-QTs,JTs,T9s,98s,87s,76s
    16%, 214 combos

    FLOP: :8s:8c:2c
    Flop Notes: Good flop for a cbet, unlikely to hit these opponents; betting overpairs+ for value, other pairs for protection; betting flush draws/BDFDs and AQ+ for bluffs.
    Flop Cbet Range: AA-22,AKo-AQo,AKs-AQs,A8s,A2s,98s,87s,AcJc,AsJs,AcTc,AsTs,Ac9c,As9s,Ac7c,As7s,Ac6c,As6s,Ac5c,As5s,Ac4c,As4s,Ac3c,As3s,KcQc,KsQs,KcJc,KsJs,KcTc,KsTs,QcJc,QsJs,QcTc,QsTs,JcTc,JsTs,Tc9c,Ts9s,7c6c,7s6s
    72%, 143 combos

    TURN: :Ts
    Turn Notes: Turn - BB donks for a little over half pot; my default assumption is that donk bets are weak/mid-strength made hands and decent draws, and there is a good chance we can take pot away from Villain with big raise. Shoving overpairs+ for value and some FD's and A-highs as a bluffs trying to move opponent off weaker made hands; I am planning to simply call with the T's and 99's from the my flop range.
    Flop Shove Range: AA-TT,88,22,AKo-AQo,AKs-AQs,A8s,98s,87s,AcJc,AsJs,Ac9c,As9s,Ac7c,As7s,Ac6c,As6s,Ac5c,As5s,Ac4c,As4s,Ac3c,As3s,As2s,KcQc,KsQs,KcJc,KsJs,QcJc,QsJs,7c6c,7s6s
    69%, 93 combos
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    Hi all, just wondering on the selection of such a high frequency for the flop bet (especially from @Ninjah @mbehr1983 @Outlier and @CubanB who all went near to 70% ). In a heads up situation a 70% cbet frequency might provide a good starting point, but here we're betting into 2.

    As a newcomer to ranges, it seems logical that the cbet frequency needs to (on average) be reduced in MW situations. (I am aware that some have noted that this flop favours the PFR, so this argument might not apply as strongly here... But still...) Can sticking to roughly to 70% really be correct in this case? Or should this be lower (like 35%) due to the presence of two villains?

    thanks in advance for any pointers on this
  • NinjahNinjah Red Chipper Posts: 1,200 ✭✭✭✭
    gdubz wrote: »
    Hi all, just wondering on the selection of such a high frequency for the flop bet (especially from @Ninjah @mbehr1983 @Outlier and @CubanB who all went near to 70% ). In a heads up situation a 70% cbet frequency might provide a good starting point, but here we're betting into 2.

    As a newcomer to ranges, it seems logical that the cbet frequency needs to (on average) be reduced in MW situations. (I am aware that some have noted that this flop favours the PFR, so this argument might not apply as strongly here... But still...) Can sticking to roughly to 70% really be correct in this case? Or should this be lower (like 35%) due to the presence of two villains?

    thanks in advance for any pointers on this

    Heads up I would be betting 100% of my range on this board so I am reducing it some since we are multiway. You are correct that in general we would reduce our cbet frequency. I think that we can get heads up on the turn against a weaker opponent by betting this flop and we also don't have to generate folds as high of a percentage of the time in multiway pots to show a profit.
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    Cheers @Ninjah , got it. Completely agree with the logic that a bet that can fold out a TAG and keep in an OOP unknown is a good thing.

    (Thanks for your advice on frequency in MW pots too.)

    But - just on your last point, why would we require less folds in MW pots? Whether we go HU to the flop and bet 2/3 pot into $20 with air, or 3-way to the flop and bet 2/3 pot into $30 with air doesn't make any difference with regards to the % of times that we require folds from our opponent(s) does it?
    (Sorry if I've missed something basic here!)

    thanks again
  • NinjahNinjah Red Chipper Posts: 1,200 ✭✭✭✭
    @gdubz I did this exercise long ago so I don't remember the sizing but we can bet smaller on a board like this and when it's mw there is more of a reward in the pot, therefore our break even % is lower.
  • gdubzgdubz Red Chipper Posts: 45 ✭✭
    @tfazio is it possible to see your ranges for this hand? I've seen that you've done a lot of hand-reading work! (Sorry - I can't access the dropbox link that you've put up.)
    No worries at all if these are now hard to find, but very grateful if it's stored somewhere easy. cheers!
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    Pre aa-55, ak-a10s, a5-a2s ,ak-a 10o, kq-k10s kqo, qj- q10s, qj-j10o, j 10s, t9s, 98s, 87s, 76s, 65s, 54s, 15.4% 181 combos.
    FLOP ak-a10c, a5-a2c, kqc-k10c, qj-q10c, j10c, t9c, 98c, 87c, 76c, 65c, 54c, aa-10-10,99,88,, 14.3 previous 26 combos.
    Turn range same as flop 100% 26 combos
    River range same
    AKo QQ and NO
    BET BET call
    call call call
    Not much a typist so if no feed back will probably stop posting after a few more.
    Kinda wonder what the river was felt in pretty good shape.

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    My RFI from this position is is AA-22,AKo-AQo,KQo,AKs-A2s,KQs-KTs,QJs-QTs,JTs,T9s,98s,87s,76s, which is 15% and 202 combos.

    FLOP: :8S::8C::2C:

    I'm CBing this flop in all three instances.

    AA-22,AKo-AQo,AKs-A2s,98s,87s,KcQc,KcJc,KcTc,QcJc,QcTc,JcTc,Tc9c,7c6c, and I'm CBing with 80.7% of my range which is 151 combos.

    TURN: :TS:

    So one of the reasons for joining here and more study is trying to get away from my NIT play. That said, I'm an overall (but small) winner at $1-$2 poker. The idea is to increase my profit over the long haul.

    Against this unknown player, I'm not going all in on the turn unless I have a full house or better. Even then I'm probably not going AI because I want him to bet the river. I would call or raise with 2P+ and NFD or KFD. I would call with 99+.

    So to answer the question in the workbook, that's only TT,88,22, which is a whopping 4.76% of my previous range, and 7 combos.

    Before I get jumped on for not having some non-nut AI's in my range, I'm keeping in mind that this is $1-$2, where balance is not the least bit important against 99% of the opponents. Since I don't know this opponent, I'm not going to suddenly think he's capable of running me over without more information. I don't see any reason to go crazy here.

    If I had more reads on the player my actions might be different. I'd rather call down a bit and observe some more hands before committing my stack against an unknown. Just the NIT in me I guess. Maybe that's why I'll never have the bank roll to make it to $2/$5.

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    Preflop my range is 11.3% - 150 combos

    FLOP: :8s:8c:2c

    FLOP: RANGE (37.9%-of previous range)(55# combos)
    Are you going to bet or check this flop with:
    Overpairs? yes
    Flush draws? yes
    Ace King? No, I basicelly only do semibluffs but no full blufs

    Turn: :Ts

    TURN: RANGE (53.8%-of previous range)(28# combos)
    Are you going to fold, call, or go all-in with:
    Overpairs? All in
    Flush draws? fold
    99? fold
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    Hand #3 Section 1


    I am opening with five big blinds from MP1 with three folds behind me and five plays yet to act. I will always be first to act.
    The players yet to act include a more readable solid TAG, while the LAG, NIT, Terrible and Unknown players will be difficult to read.
    Only the Solid TAG and Unknown call so they are likely to be on draws
    Weakest Broadway hand I would open-raise: QJs
    Weakest pocket pairs: 99
    Raised hands outside of that range: A9s
    My range is AA-99,AKo-AJo,KQo,AKs-A9s,KQs-KJs,QJs which is 12% at 158 combos

    Post Flop: :8c:8s:2c

    Trips and full houses now become possible for Villains but I don't have any eights in my range. I stay in because of my overcards, ace highs fd and pp.
    Range: AA-99,AKo-AJo,KQo,AKs-A9s,KQs-KJs,QJs 37% of hands and 44 combinations
    Bet Overpairs: yes
    Bet fd? Yes
    Bet AK? Yes
    I bet 2/3rds of the pot, slightly more aggressive than a CB so I probably have 2 clubs or an overpair. Only the Unknown player in the BB calls, so I feel good unless he has an 8 and is slow playing which he shouldn't because the board has fd potential.

    Turn: :Ts

    Bet over pairs? Yes
    Bet fd: no
    Bet 99? No
    Range: AA-99,AKo-AJo,KQo,AKs-A9s,KQs-KJs,QJs 85% of previous hands has 35 combos
    I go all in so I may have had TT
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    I did the exercise. I was a little difficult but cool overall. I show you my template. And I would paste my answers and notes.


    PREFLOP Questions:
    Worst broadway I would open is QJo.
    Worst pocket pair would be 66.
    Wosrt SC would be 9Ts., but I open A5s-A2s.

    FLOP Questions:
    I would cbet with overpairs, flush draws and AK. I need to bet a lot here as my range is strong and I would play better turn and river if i can bet. Besides, i can get a lot of folds. I won´t bet A8 and 88 as they can work as an XR, I can also XR some Broadways with A of clubs, so I can have some checks that are not giving up o easily. I would also cbet ATs+ as I could be winning and some turns and rivers would help me.

    TURN questions:
    With overpairs and FD I would tend to raise except I am sure he is doing that only with nuts. Creating a range with a lot of trips and some draws I get more 53-59% equity with my overpairs and pair of Tens.
    With 99 I would only call, except i know he is not doing that with draws. If he is not using draws that way I would fold.

    Doing some math, I shove 160 to win 150, which means I need 52% folds without equity and just 10% folds with 30% equity. When he is strong with trips and I just have draw I would only have 16% equity.
    He is getting 160 to win 310 so he barely needs 25% equity to call. According to the range I give him, his range in average has more than 30% equity so he would have a right call every time.

    These calculations make me thing that I can not shove with bluff but I can shove with all my combos that have more than 50% equity as overpairs, Top pairs and that. Maybe I can shove with very strong draws so I can make him call with combos that are dominated. But after that, I better just call or fold.
  • ZhooshedupZhooshedup Red Chipper Posts: 1 ✭✭
    AlHindi wrote: »
    Is shoving with overpair on the turn a good idea in this hand? Let say you have one of the following [AA-99, excluding TT] on the turn. Is shoving ALL in a +EV play? There is no worst hand than overpair that is going to call this shove. The shove will create a pot of 310 requiring the unknown to call with 160 more. Will any unknown call here unless he has us beat?

    For me, when the BB leads out here he's got 10-x or on a draw. I think if he has an 8 he's leading the flop or check raising. I think shoving with overpairs makes sense in this context to get value from 10x hands and to charge for draws.
  • AP07AP07 Red Chipper Posts: 24 ✭✭
    Preflop Range: 22% - 290 combos

    Pairs, AKo-A9o, AKs-A9s A5s-A2s, suited bwys, KQo KJo J10o, K9s, J9s, 108s, 97s, 86s, 75s suited connectors to 56s

    FLOP: :8s:8c:2c

    Flop C-Bet Range: 50% - 138 combos

    Quads 1, Full house 3, trip 8s 8, overpairs 36, 77 66 12, AK AQ AJ 48, Flush draws 21, 109, 97, 76 16,

    50% c bet seems optimal. The solid player in position is a concern but he still has the unknown to worry about so we expect him to stay mostly in line. Betting quads, FH, trips and overpairs. 77 and 66 are good often enough to bet with hopes the hand ends here and to reevaluate if called or raised. AK, AQ and AJ are good to keep the lead with as we expect a lot of flats but we'll reevaluate if raised and likely fold to solid tag. Betting flush draws. To find some extra bluffs it seems like the best candidates block 8s so I'm c betting 109, 97, 76, 75 which is 16 combos.

    Turn: :Ts

    Shove range: Quads, full houses, trips, flush draws (33% 44 combos)

    The donk lead from an unknown can have a number of meanings. I expect he's got some 8s in the range that he doesnt want to allow me to check back. But also could be leading with a hand that's vulnerable. So I expect decent fold equity. I would jam my Quads, full houses, trips and all my flush draws. Given all our fold equity along with the fact some of our A hi draws are even likely in front, I would shove all the flush draws. I would flat overpairs and all other decently strong hands.
  • dnoyeBdnoyeB DetroitRed Chipper Posts: 284 ✭✭
    I'm opening here pretty tight from MP1.
    A9s+, KTs+,QTs+,JTs+
    For 174 combos or 13.1%

    Cbetting this flop with
    36 combos over pairs
    12 combos flush draws
    5 combos BD nut flush draw
    16 combos AK
    Total 67 combos of 169 or 39.6%

    On the turn I'm shoving
    AA and KK Overpairs without a spade
    12 of 63 combos for 19%

    In my player pool > 1/2 pot donk bets tend to be strong. At least TP. But also the new BD spade flush draws. Those will probably call a shove.
  • Chad McVeanChad McVean Red Chipper Posts: 4 ✭✭
    Preflop Range: 19.9% - 264 combos


    Weakest Broadway: All broadway, suited & non-suited
    Weakest Pocket Pair: 55s
    Outside that Range: A9s-A8s,K9s-K8s,Q9s-Q8s,J9s-J8s,T9s-T8s,98s

    FLOP: :8s:8c:2c

    Flop C-Bet Range: 65.9% - 163 combos

    Bet or Check?
    Overpairs: Bet
    Flush draws: Bet
    AK: Bet suited AK, check AKo

    Turn: :TS:


    Overpairs: Call
    Flush Draws: Nut Flush All in, overs just call
    99: Fold

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    Hello I'm new. How do you guys get the cards to show up in your post?
  • Chris_VChris_V BoiseRed Chipper Posts: 181 ✭✭
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    Donk bets always seem to confuse me.
    Villain is betting 60% of pot on the turn. If it was under 50% of pot than I would see it as a probe saying, “please don’t bluff me”. But this size seems more value oriented, but probably not the nuts.

    Our all-in raise gives villain around 2:1 odds on his call. If we think villain’s bet was for value but not super strong I guess I add overpairs as value and bluff with my nut flush draws. In a 2:1 value to bluff ratio.

    99 blocks some 89 trip combos, but also blocks T9, J9, 97 combos that villain may bet. I guess I fold 99.

    I don’t know probably totally wrong here.
  • TheGameKatTheGameKat Las VegasPosts: 4,945 -
    MrBalzter wrote: »
    Hello I'm new. How do you guys get the cards to show up in your post?

    : 8 s : 8 c : 2 c

    but close up the gaps between : 8 s etc
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