Hand # 10 XX on Qc Js 3h

ek119ek119 Red Chipper Posts: 2
Here goes, please share some feedback

RANGE (9.20%-form)(#122 combos)

3betting here with:
All Pocket Pairs
Suited Connectors JTs+

Would prefer to 3bet instead of calling with all hands in my range.
Might just call with 22-TT.
Weakest broadway I would 3bet with would then be JTs.

FLOP: :Qc:Js:3h
FLOP: RANGE (adj. 86.1%-of previous range)(#105 combos (adj.))

CBing with my full preflop range as above:
Specifically, betting with Top Pair/Ace King and any Jack that fits my preflop range (that is JT).

TURN: :6d
TURN: RANGE (adj. 97.1%-of previous range)(#102 combos (adj.))

Would probably check behind instead of double barreling with my: middle pair, weak pairs (my pocket pairs that didn't hit), Ace Highs, Gutshots and Overcards (AK) in my range.
Would double barrel Top Pair, check Middle Pair as above, check Ace King.

RIVER: RANGE (adj. 41.3%-of previous range)(#38 of 92 combos (adj.))

Calling with:

Two Pair Or Better=raising with sets+raising two pairs with Aces (calling with QJ), not folding anything.
Ace King = probably calling.
Middle Pair=not in my River range, would probably fold KQ if it were.


  • SplitSuitSplitSuit RCP Coach Posts: 4,069 -
    I think you may have made a turn mistake with the %-of previous range. If you are betting JJ+/Qx etc you should remove those from your turn checking range.
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  • ek119ek119 Red Chipper Posts: 2
    edited May 2016
    SplitSuit wrote: »
    I think you may have made a turn mistake with the %-of previous range. If you are betting JJ+/Qx etc you should remove those from your turn checking range.

    True, but then I may have misunderstood the exercise.
    The number I've come up with, essentially corresponds to my checking AND betting ranges - but in the context of the exercise, I took for granted I'd be checking the Turn.

    To your point, I'd probably bet top pairs within my range (so KQ/AQ) and sets (QQ/JJ/66/33) and overpairs (AA/KK)
    So that leaves 63 combos I would check with or 61.8% of previous range (63 out of 102).
    Does it make more sense now?

    Thanks and looking forward to more feedback :)
  • benlong10benlong10 Red Chipper Posts: 11 ✭✭
    Hand 10: OUR WEAK/PASSIVE MP1 opponent.
    PF NOTES: These types of villians give you little fold equity, but you can treat hands that might otherwise be considered marginal (ie ATo w/ an Ace high board, or second pairs) as dominating. In general, we need to bet for value more on rivers with lesser hands. No slowplaying EVER. Just bet for value when you hit. This is an amazing place to isolate a weak passive player in position, and steal the button, all of which make our 3bet range extremely wide relatively. This 3bet range includes any hand that plays well on flops. That means I will eliminate some suited connectors from my usual opening raising range as they play better multiway and are better calling hands here. We are also NOT deep stacked, so calling with these hands is less profitable, much less 3betting with them. I would be add on buying up to the maximum if possible to play more hands with this jibroni.
    Weakest Calling Pair = 55's (and I'd fold if those behind me are aggressively isolating this opponent as well). Weakest calling broadway would be KTo or QTo and I'd consider folding for the same reasons as with 55's.
    Weakest 3betting Broadway = JTs
    PF RANGE: 66+, A9s+, A5s-A2s, KTs+, QTs+, JTs, ATo+, KQo
    PF 3bet % FORM = 13.1%
    # COMBOS = 174

    FLOP Qc Js 3h
    FLOP NOTES: This is a great flop for much of my range, but I'm only betting made pair hands. Draws I can check behind, bc I know I have no fold equity. Take the free card. Note as well that the SPR is only 4:1 on the flop, so a flop bet means we are getting it in most likely on the turn and/or river and he's a calling station. I better have something, but that something can be as low as 88's, which have over 50% equity on a 25% of hands calling range from MP1 preflop. As mentioned, I don't bet my KT's and other broadway str8 draws.
    AK = Check. He's not folding. Just take the free card. No need to bloat the pot with nothing.
    ANY JACK = BET. It sounds crazy, but against these opponents you are winning a much greater percentage of the time with second pair than usual. Take a breath and pile it in. (Just kidding about the breath part....that's a tell :) I'm even betting my 88's and 99's on the flop. We can check behind on the turn if we think he has us beat.
    FLOP RANGE = 88+, AQs-AJs, KJs+, QTs+, JTs, AQo-AJo, KQo
    % OF PREV RANGE = 48%
    COMBOS = 83

    TURN 6d

    TURN NOTES: I'm checking behind much of the time, but not always, with second pairs, TT, 88, 99. I'm checking to induce a river bet from villain and then call, or simply check down a dangerous river card, or bet a safe card potentially after a check. I think I'm good enough of the time for this to be profitable. I'm dbl barrelling all top pairs in my range. I'm not here with AK, but it would be a check. I'm not here with draws, but I would check.
    TURN RANGE: TT-88, AJs, KJs, JTs, AJo
    % OF PREV RANGE = 43%
    COMBOS = 36

    RIVER Ac
    RIVER NOTES: This is the definition of a dangerous river. It brings in the str8 draw that was open ended on the flop and passive fish like MP1 love to hold Aces. That said, the bet gives you 3.8:1. That's great odds to call. If you think he is capable of betting a scare card as a bluff, then you can call pretty light, especially as his bet is weak. I'd call with all Qx hands, however I c-bet those on the turn, so I don't have them here in this line. I probably call with my J's as I previously planned, but not my small pairs TT/88/99. This is a great time for using any tells to help me in these marginal situations one way or another. I'm raising AJ here for value. That's the only two pair or better hand that I reach the river with in this line.
    % PREV RANGE = 17%
    COMBOS = 6
    I recognize my play against these type of opponents will cause an increase in variance. What should my bankroll considerations be, or what changes should I make, when I'm playing these types of high variance opponents as they demand I should play them?
  • OutlierOutlier Red Chipper Posts: 158 ✭✭
    Note: I make the following inferences of the uncomfortable newbie who likes to put in $$ postlfop with weak hands:
    1. Has trouble valueing hands well preflop, so can't read too much into preflop raise
    2. Will chase incorrectly postflop
    3. Will make bet-sizing mistakes postflop, which will enable me to realize my equity on some more marginal hands.

    PREFLOP 3-BET RANGE: 13%, 174 combos
    88+, 65s+, 75s+, KTs, A9s+, AJo, KQo
    Strongest pocket pair I'm calling with: 77
    Weakest Broadway I'm 3-betting: JTs
    Am 3-betting a wide, depolarized range to try to get heads up with the villain. I don't expect the villain ever to fold preflop so I'm 3-betting only for value and to isolate in position.

    FLOP: :Qc:Js:3h
    FLOP RANGE: 72%, 108 combos
    QQ, JJ, QJ, AA, KK, AQ, KQ, QT, AJ, KJs, JTs, J9cc, J9hh, KTs, T9s, + backdoor flush draws (cc, ss, hh) of these combos: 65s-98s, 75s-T8s, A9s, ATs, AKs

    TURN: :6d
    TURN RANGE: 31%, 33 combos
    AKs, ATs, A9s, KJs, JTs, J9s, KTs
    Betting sets, two pair, good top pair like AQ, good 2nd pair like AJ.

    RIVER: :Ac
    RIVER RANGE 5%, 2 combos of AKs
    Clearly, I've got a problem as I show up with almost no calling hands here...?
    I can't think of any bluffs that villain is betting on the river, which is why I don't call with 2nd pair.
    Raising KTs and AJ for value
  • BadFrog1BadFrog1 Red Chipper Posts: 136 ✭✭
    Can somebody please explain the reason for 3betting hands like 66 and 98s preflop in this spot?

    My instinct would be to raise much tighter here. I think new/scared players are much more likely to limp preflop than raise, so they must have a hand that they think is really good. This means we have little fold equity preflop and postflop. With no fold equity, we want to play hands that will often hit the flop strongly, and 66/98s very rarely make a strong hand on the flop.
  • Briax24Briax24 Red Chipper Posts: 44 ✭✭
    edited September 2016
    HAND #10

    PRE-FLOP: Range: AA-TT,AKo-AQo,AKs-AQs,A5s (% of form 4.98%) (Combos:66)
    The strongest pocket pair I call with is 99 and my weakest broadway is AQo. I am primarily going for value here, I don’t think our opponent is folding often. I think this means I should add in some more Ace high broadway and maybe a few more pairs. If I we were a bit deeper I might choose to three bet some suited connectors and more Axs. Hands that can win huge pots off of someone who may not be able to get away from top pair. I think I am missing a spot to get the button vs. this opponent by not 3-betting wider.


    FLOP: Range: AA-JJ,AQo,AQs,AhKh,AcKc,AsKs,Ah5h,Ac5c,As5s (% of previous range: 64.3%) (Combos: 36)
    I Continue to bet here with all top pair, AK that has backdoor flush potential, and I don’t have any middle pair in my range. I am also betting with the backdoor A5 suited. Bluffing is dicey here vs. this Villain but I think I should have a few at least. Many players like this will not want to get all in with very marginal hands but will take some of those hands to the turn. I'd like to find a good high EQ barreling spot.


    TURN: Range: AhKh,AcKc,AsKs,Ah5h,Ac5c,As5s (% of previous range 16.7%) (Combos: 6)
    I continue to bet top pair on this turn. Most of my range is a value range. The bluffs I do have did not retain their equity very well. There may be some reasons for betting my AK because of the over card potential. Though, I would rather have picked up a flush card to go with it.


    RIVER: Range: Nada (% of previous range 0%) (Combos:0) I cant call here ever. I have 4 combos of top pair while the Villain has all of his strong hands from the flop and probably not many bluffs. I would have continued to bet all of my strong holdings on the turn because the Villain is likely to call light. Against good players I could consider a few strong turn checks for balance. Against this guy I just want to keep betting. I’m going for 3 streets with top pair.
  • gwjones00gwjones00 Red Chipper Posts: 27
    For what it's worth:

    We are MP2. Newbie raises to $20. We 3 bet to $65.

    TT+, AJs+, KQs, QJs, JTs, AKo, AQo, KQo, A2s-A5s
    %-FORM 8.9 %
    COMBOS # 118

    What is the strongest pocket pair you would just call with? I would 3 bet my entire range, albeit small. He is not folding.
    What is the weakest Broadway hand you would 3 bet with? JTs, QJo

    Flop QcJs3h. MP1 checks. We bet $70.

    TT+, AJs+, KQs, QJs, JTs, AKo, AQo, KQo, A2s-A5s

    % OF PREVIOUS RANGE:100% (8.9%)
    COMBOS # 118

    I am betting my entire 3 betting range here. The flop has lots of draws that we can get value from. This texture is one that will most likely require 2 barrels.

    Turn 6d. MP1 checks. We check.

    Hmm. If I'm checking here, it will only be with the small Aces in my 3 betting range (A2s-A5s). I'm double barreling the rest of my range.

    % OF PREVIOUS RANGE: 12.7% (1.21%)
    COMBOS # 15

    River: Ac. Villain now leads for $100.

    As this hand is laid out, I'm folding everything left here.

    Comments/suggestions welcome.
  • aprilia1892aprilia1892 Red Chipper Posts: 1
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  • NuttedNutterNuttedNutter Red Chipper Posts: 44

    Strongest PP to call w/ instead of 3betting.. TT
    Weakest Broadway 3bet? JTs

    RANGE: AA-66,AKo-AJo,AKs-A8s,A5s-A2s,KQs-KTs,QJs-QTs,JTs,T9s,98s

    %FORM: 12.2%
    COMBOS#: 162


    Check or bet w/..

    TP? Bet. I only lose to a few Q's and being up against an inexperienced opponent I think it would be reasonable to say that he's got some Qxs in his range maybe down to Q5s that could've called 3bet pre. Hands like JTs, KJs, AJs will call. A gutshot+pair hand like AK. KTs and T9s for the oesd, a hand like A3s maybe and TT-66 might call flop once.

    AK? I'd check AK here, although I have a gutshot+overs and could rep a strong Q or KK+ I don't believe I have much FE against a new inexperienced player willing to put in money with weak hands. That likely means he's not folding much to any bets.

    Any J? I'd check-back my J's here since I think his Q's are going to continue.

    RANGE: AA-66,AKo-AJo,AKs-A8s,A5s-A2s,KQs-KTs,QJs-QTs,JTs,T9s,98s

    COMBOS#: 46

    T: :6d

    Check or bet w/..

    TP? I'd bet KQ-AQ, might check-back QTs

    Middle Pairs? Check behind. If he called flop I think his range is Q heavy and/or possibly a strong J or weak pair.

    AK? Check behind. Not much FE.

    RANGE: AA-JJ,AQo,AQs,KQs,KTs,QJs-QTs,T9s

    % OF PREVIOUS RANGE: 43.5%
    COMBOS#: 20

    R: :Ac

    Fold, call raise w/..

    2pair or better? Raise. Of the 2pairs I'd have in this riv spot, QJ, AQ, AJ I have 73.3% equity. Based on the action I believe I could make a raise between 2-3x and squeeze some value from tp's and J's.

    Ace King? I think I'd just call with AK. Although I have ok odds to call, I don't think AK is strong enough to raise here and I could be beat to some 2pair that MP1 newbie elected not to raise on previous streets.

    Middle Pair? KK is all I have left as middle pair. I show 43.9% equity vs. the range I assigned for this spot/player I think I'd still call but would think I'm beat sometimes to QJ, AQ, AK, AT

    % OF PREVIOUS RANGE: 64.7%
    COMBOS#: 11

  • domino6domino6 Red Chipper Posts: 1
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  • AcesaladAcesalad Red Chipper Posts: 240 ✭✭
    When building your range consider which hands you would call with instead of 3betting.
    What is the strongest pocket pair you could just call with? 22
    What is the weakest Broadway hand you would 3bet with? AQs
    %-Form 4.7% # Combos 62
    Your Range:
    Given the texture, are you always going to continuation bet?
    No, this type of texture could hit his range fairly frequently
    Would you check or bet with:
    Top Pair? Bet
    AK? Bet
    Any Jack? Check
    % of Previous Range 36.7% # Combos 22
    Your Range:
    Which hands would you check behind the turn with instead of double barreling?
    Would you check or bet with:
    Top Pair? Bet
    Middle Pair? Check
    AK? Bet
    % of Previous Range 100.0% # Combos 22
    Your Range:
    MP1 bets $100 and you call.
    The Ace on the river is an intersting card. When MP1 bets $100 are you going to fold, call, or raise with:
    Two Pair or better? Raise
    Ace King? Raise
    Middle Pair? Call
    % of Previous Range 15.8% # Combos 3
    Your Range:
  • TravisTravis Red Chipper Posts: 455 ✭✭✭
    RANGE (26.4/12.7%)(#350/168combos)

    3bet call:AA-77,AKo-AJo,KQo,AKs-ATs,A5s-A2s,KQs-K9s,QJs-Q9s,JTs-J9s,T9s

    Standard Range from CO: Against a weak TAG in position I don't usually 3 be

    FLOP: :Qc:Js:3h RANGE (adj. 68%-of previous range)(#115 combos)
    Flop:I don't mind calling against a weak TAG with a lot of my range as they tend to Cbet too much and can bluff the turn, and they over play flop top pair even when an overcard hits the turn. Maybe reraise with nuflush draw

    TURN: :6d RANGE (94%-of previous range)(#108,2 combos (adj.))
    Turn: Check behind with everything but AQ+ His call on the flop means he has something though it may be weak. I may even check behind all hands sometimes to make him assume he has the best hand (weighted at 30% below.. Also wont bet bluffs and draws as want to realize equity.

    RIVER: :Ac (adj. 54%-of previous range)(58.8 combos )
    River: Raising all 2pr+ calling with all Ax and Qx as my check on the turn showed weakness
  • Mark FlemingMark Fleming Red Chipper Posts: 76 ✭✭
    edited June 2018
    Hand #10 Section 1

    Newbie raises 4 BB and I 3B to $65 in MP2 four players yet to act.
    The strongest pocket pair I would call with = 99
    Weakest BW hand to 3B = AJo
    My range is AA-99,AKo-AJo,KQo,AKs-AJs,KQs which is 8% of hands, 100 combos
    MP1 calls my bet so I’ll be last to act

    Flop :Qc:Js:3h
    Newbie checks so he may have been on an Ax draw. I continue my lead with a $70 bet. Given the texture and the player I would CB my entire range AA-99,AKo-AJo,KQo,AKs-AJs,KQs 51% of hands 82 combos
    Top pair CB = 99
    AK CB = yes
    Any Jack CB = yes
    MP1 calls so I fear he is holding trips

    Turn :6d
    Newbie in MP1 checks and I check behind. We likely both have had no improvements post flop and are still on draws so the river card will be hot. AA-99,AKo-AJo,KQo,AKs-AJs,KQs 42% 82 combos

    River :Ac
    If newbie was chasing Ax from preflop then he just hit, but he bets only 1/3+ of the pot.
    If I have two pair then I raise
    If I have AK I raise
    If I have middle pair I call his possible bluff represented by the Ace on the river.
  • Kevin HKevin H Red Chipper Posts: 18 ✭✭
    BadFrog1 wrote: »
    Can somebody please explain the reason for 3betting hands like 66 and 98s preflop in this spot?

    My instinct would be to raise much tighter here. I think new/scared players are much more likely to limp preflop than raise, so they must have a hand that they think is really good. This means we have little fold equity preflop and postflop. With no fold equity, we want to play hands that will often hit the flop strongly, and 66/98s very rarely make a strong hand on the flop.

    This question did pop up in my head, but the main thing that is written that he is loose postflop and not preflop. He is an uncomfortable player, So I would assume he would be tighter preflop, so I went with a more polarized range on this hand.
  • Troy HTroy H Red Chipper Posts: 36 ✭✭
    I view a Newbie as a player who is only thinking of their hand, level one. I will be his personal escort into Value Town. No bluffing this guy, but I will be 3-betting him to isolate.

    72 combos; 4.5% of hands. I increase this a lot if SPR was larger.

    FLOP: :Qc:Js:3d

    We now have 61 combos due to the flop removing some.

    V checks and we bet half pot. I am betting all top pairs. I check AK, as I believe this player will call with a pair under 66-JJ.

    Range: JJ-AA, AQ, A3 with BDFD
    53% of previous range
    32 combos

    TURN: :6d checks through.

    Range: A3 only. 6% of previous range. I would bet every other hand. We don't have AJ in this situation, but if we did then I would add this to the checking range.

    RIVER: :Ac V bets $100 into $280, we call.

    I don't have anything I call here, as my previous range only consisted of A3 with BD potential on the flop.

    With 2pair+ we are going to raise. I doubt that Villain bets this small with sets+. The book asks what I would do with AK and middle pair, but given the situation I do not have them. If I did, I would call with an ace, and just give up with middle pair.

  • AP07AP07 Red Chipper Posts: 24 ✭✭
    PREFLOP 3-BET RANGE: 9%, 118 combos
    AA-88 AK AQ AJs A10s A5s A4s KQs KJs QJs KJo Q9o

    Newbies generally call wide but they dont raise wide. We do want to iso a value heavy range if possible but flatting looking to play a hand in position is also attractive for much of our range. The $65 sizing is a little large to me as I'd be inviting him to play not looking for fold equity and any 3 bet usually will buy the button in 2/5 unless someone wakes up with something. I would throw in a few random bluffs as well given our skill advantage. KJo and Q9s dont quite make the flat range so they work.

    FLOP: :Qc:Js:3h
    FLOP RANGE: 52%, 51 combos

    Neutral flop. I dont think he has many sets but he's got two pairs and many pairs and draws. One barrel isnt going to work often but I would still fire AK because that will often shake off small pairs and other mediocre hands with equity. I would bet all my big value hands and all top pairs other than Q9 which i would check back along with all my Js.

    TURN: :6d
    TURN RANGE: 85%, 37 combos

    I am very rarely, if ever, checking this turn. I'm betting sets, two pairs, overpairs and top pairs for value. I have 16 combos of AK that I would go 50/50 on, firing half the time and giving up half.

    RIVER: :Ac
    RIVER RANGE 2 combos possibly

    The lead is kind of gross as we never have the nuts and he can which is opposite of all other streets. Even top set here isn't thrilled to raise but we have to as he can easily be valuing worse or spazzing out. Top two in the same boat, just have to raise since we have no reason to believe this player can lay down when we announce he's beat, and the hands that beat us are few.

    QJ for two pair become the only reasonable call combos and I suppose you can consider hero folding them. AK becomes the bottom of the range and can be folded against this player.

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