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JinplydbstJinplydbst Red Chipper Posts: 53
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MP raise to $12, folded to Hero on BB with :Kd:Jd calls. effective stack $150.
Hero just made a poor hero call and Villain just came back from his break and I had no info.

Flop($24): :8h:7d:3d
Hero check. Villain bets $20. Hero calls.
Turn($60): :7c
Hero Check. Villain bets $30. Hero check raise to $65.
Villain Quickly calls.
River($195): :Ah
Hero bets $65 and villain calls after taking a min hold...

Later, this V was a Tight guy who plays hand with Ax aggressively.
When he called my CR on the turn, I put him on TT-QQ, because he wouldn't continue there with two overs.
on the river I was trying to represent busted flush draw with AXs, and bet about 1/3 pot to wider my perceived AXs range...
If I put him on QQ, should i have bet like $95-105? I think he would have folded.
But I didn't want to leave little money behind, or go all in here which would look too suspicious.


  • persuadeopersuadeo Red Chipper Posts: 4,308 ✭✭✭✭✭
    I think while some things on the surface look normal here, with the glaring exception of the blocker bet on the end, all of the parts do not work together and are a big part of your downswing:

    -speculative hand vs. unknown range played out of position, with no overlay of pot odds.
    -short stacked, meaning implied odds can't be realized, three betting is suicidal, and there is no room for good post-flop maneuvering. I want to say the check raise is too small, but given stack size, it's not, but then being short isn't good, so it's a conundrum of mistakes.
    -bet on end is simply not good, offering great odds. Shove or check.
    -OP knows player has overpair (good) but then doesn't respect fact that 1/2 players do not like folding premium pairs. Integrate your knowledge to be effective.
    -OP has just lost a tough hand and is very likely on tilt. He should be taking a moment to collect himself but is instead gambling with suited cards.

    All this adds up to burning money from a seemingly innocuous preflop call.
  • GabeyJGabeyJ Red Chipper Posts: 436 ✭✭✭
    I think you need to top off. I really don't like playing short stack. You really can't play a hand effectively. I rarely put myself in this type if situation. But I'm pretty sure if I'm playing this hand I'm 3 betting pre flop. And ripping it on the flop
  • Ed MillerEd Miller RCP Coach Posts: 330

    First, there's nothing wrong with playing any particular stack size. Nothing.

    Second, my play here is very player-dependent. But if this opponent were a typical Vegas $1-$2 reg, the large flop bet size combined with a follow-up turn bet (of a cautious size b/c he's worried about trips) looks a ton like an overpair. Vegas regs don't play overcards like this: they check back at least one of the streets, and they usually don't bet so much on the flop either. It's possibly another flush draw as well, but there aren't too many combos available, and many of those will be ace-high which isn't going anywhere and crushes your hand.

    Here's how I play the hand. I call preflop. I check-call the flop. I check-call the turn. I check-fold the river ace. The turn call is probably pretty close to break-even--depends on player type a bit.

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