ArtrafasArtrafas Red Chipper Posts: 18
Hi Everyone.

Just joined but I have been lurking around the site for few weeks and I came here, I think, because of the Splitsuit videos on Youtube (which I find them very interesting) and RCP seems to have more of that approach of studying poker.

I'm 29, I'm Mexican and I've playing since 2007. A curious fact: I was introduced to the game when I watched Casino Royale movie, then I googled the game and got hooked since then. I got a free bankroll back in those days and somehow I managed to play up to NL50 regularly but I cashed out and quit around 2010. Then, on 2012 I deposited 50 and I busted, it was a very different game! and sadly I quit the game for some time. In 2014 I had the chance to visit Vegas during the summer, and I saw a good oportunity to come back with another 50 deposit and the motivation to improve my live game and have a nice trip in Vegas. It was fun and returned from Vegas with a nice profit so I started to play more live local games; they are good and often juicy games, maybe a bit shallow at the begining of the night but still very profitable with the right approach, I'm a winner in those live games and that's what keeps in the game. I have not yet busted online since 2014, let's see how it goes...

I really look forward to keep improving, helping others to improve and having some fun.


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