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ChipTraderChipTrader Red Chipper Posts: 178
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They say sharing hands is a great way to learn so in the spirit of experimentation I thought I would give this a shot.

I play LAG but I am very very good at hand and tell reading and I can get away with it most of the time but there are a few leaks I would like to plug.


Stack size is $500 down $700 on the night playing for 6 hours.

As usual my image is FISH just the way I like it and I have the whole table gunning for me. The downside of my style is the whole table usually guns for me lol and calls me with rags and they occasionally hit big.

I finally get the hand I'm waiting for AKs but and its my bb.

EP limp
EP2 limp
Button Limp
Hero A :spade k :spade raise to $40 (they were calling my $30 raises all night)

EP folds
EP2 calls
Button Calls

Flop = A :club 7 :heart 3 :heart pot = $132

Hero bets $75
EP2 Calls
Button Folds

Reads so far = Older man that was tired of me stealing from him the majority of the night he was very relaxed this hand though and pocket 3 and 7 were in his range for $40 so I was on alert but assumed it was most likely a flush draw or a Aq to A7 range.

Turn = 4 :diamond

Pot size = $282

Hero Bets $200

EP2 Calls

Reads so far = Set but still possibly the flush draw I really didnt put him on the straight draw at all or two pair seemed unlikely but still possible.

River = J :diamond

Hero Checks

EP2 Shoves $150 more the rest of his stack.

Call or Fold ???


  • nemoroninnemoronin Red Chipper Posts: 45

    I'm not an expert, so take what I say with a grain of salt:

    So effective stacks with EP2 on the flop was $425. Given your table image and the flop pot size, I would have played it this way:
    1. C-bet closer to $100. I guess the only reason not to do this is to encourage someone with AQ or AJ to raise you, at which point you could jam. Or if you need to c-bet smaller for balance reasons (i.e. you'd try to steal a pot for the same bet size, and mostly get away with it).
    2. Shove the turn for $300 or so.

    As played:
    EP2 probably doesn't have 2-pair or better - I imagine he'd jam the turn.

    River - checking is very strange here - pot is $682 and he has $150 behind. You probably shouldn't fold if he shoves all-in, unless you're very certain of several things:
    1. He'll rarely value bet worse / turn a showdown hand into a bluff (AQ or AT or worse)
    2. He won't bluff missed hearts (KQ, KJ, etc.)

    I mean, on the river, I'd expect a "standard" player to show up with AJ or a stubborn JJ, and that's all that should be beating you.

    Because I think it's difficult to fold on the river, you should probably just bet $150 all-in yourself. Otherwise, you let him off the hook with an AQ or AT like hand where he may not value-bet, but every time he has AJ you end up paying him off.
  • Christian SotoChristian Soto RCP Coach Posts: 2,195 ✭✭✭✭
    I'm 100% with the above post! ^ Nice assessment Nemoronin :-)
  • ChipTraderChipTrader Red Chipper Posts: 178
    I made the call but right after I realized it was a mistake based on my play I was getting called by everyone that night and I should have seen the two pair A 7 suited call of $40 pre flop was very much in his range that night. My mistake was I didn't even consider it.

    Thanks for the responses guys. nemoronin that was cool to see we both made the same misread but brilliant post and well thought out.
  • brandlorbrandlor Red Chipper Posts: 19 ✭✭
    Uhhhh, what Nemoronin said....

    I don't mind the flop bet as much, it keeps worse A's in the pot. They are also more likely to call the turn bet since the 4 doesn't improve most hands.

    I also like shoving the river. I think you can check a Heart given that lots of live players will chase the flush. I don't think Villain is shoving missed flush draws and the SPR's are to small.

    Shoving the river may also have your Villain fold two-pair as you would take this like with a set of A's and 7's.

    In your situation I would have called the river as well and shrugged un-impressively when I saw the A7s.

    Just my two cents as I am terrible at this game still.
  • Mr.SlipMr.Slip Red Chipper Posts: 1
    Like your line just fine until your check on the river... check there really makes no sense given your bets post flop and post turn.. basically, if i'm your opponent, it screams to me that you think you may have lost the hand..
    As everyone else has said, you KNOW the rest of his stack is going in if you check, so just go ahead and jam him in.....

    Good Luck,
  • DavidDavid Red Chipper Posts: 60 ✭✭
    If your image is FISH then no matter what you did on the river all his $$ were going in. At least a check on your part allows you a decision....IMHO you made the right play. Good luck....

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