Top pair weak kicker OOP against PRO in floating happy board

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The situation is common and very interesting ... I give here an example and I'd like to listen some opinions...


6 players on the table, the players on the blinds are tight amateurs and avoid to play pots OOP against me and other "scary" players.

I open from MP with QcTh and a very experienced pro player calls me from the BTN.

My table image is a low stakes pro able to play OOP by mixing balanced check raises with cbets. I started making pressure on the table opening more hands in the last orbits so I think that my good pro opponent decided to call me a little bit more in position

. Since the blinds are tight the opponent could call here with 3bet hands also for trap, and so he has a balanced uncapped calling range there against me, including
all the middle and some small pairs , KQ, some big pairs, and some suited connectors and suited aces and even AA for trap



We hit the flop and we are ahead (on the flop) against his wide range.

But we have big reversed implied odds and we are OOP against a good PRO player.

If we check with the plan to check/raise we give a free card in a heavy draw board.
I don't think that he is going to bet against me his weak draws here. He is betting his strong draws, his sets, his middle pairs... and check back his weak draws and air to get a free card and tons of bluffing outs on the turn and the river where he can represent anything he likes. KQ and AQ are on his range also and some sets and when he has those I loose a lot of blinds by check raising here . He is not folding KQ and AQ since he knows
that I 'm able to check raise my good drawing hands here.

I make the cbet and the turn is a spade one of the following: 4s, 7s, 9s, Ts...

Since his calling range here hits much more this board than my opening range, I am now on trouble.

Sometimes I check raise the turn representing anything I like but I can't do it very often ... When I do it he knows that I'm able to do that. If he has a good hand he is not folding here to the check raise, but even if he has air he can call and bluff the river in position. If he has a draw he can check back and now has countless new bluffing outs on the river

If I bet the turn he can raise and I 'm OOP in a big pot against a better PRO with a marginal hand

If I bet the turn small here he automatically raises with all of his cards... So I have to make a reasonable value bet size or check the turn, or a small bet and then...shove to his raise

My opening range from this position contains also suted aces and some suited connectors but his calling range fits much better to this board. And he has position advantage.

So my question is : What you guys do in hands like this.

Bet the flop or check the flop and how often each action?
Bet the turn or check the turn and how often each action?


  • Ed MillerEd Miller RCP Coach Posts: 330
    I don't open this light.

    How you play this flop depends a ton on stack depth, but I'll assume you're deep. If so, I don't think you really have a good option except to check-call. This hand is a bluff-catcher from the beginning.
  • Christian SotoChristian Soto RCP Coach Posts: 2,195 ✭✭✭✭
    I think opening this is fine from LP, but especially 6 handed with amateurs in the blinds.

    In terms of line creation versus your opponent in this spot OOP:

    *I think you are making too many presumptions about your opponent.

    But, I think the best line is to Bet Bet/Fold or Bet Check-Call.
    I think Bet Bet is better.
    You have to force your opponent to still raise through your bet, which they won't do often enough. You can't be afraid of them actually raising until they raise.

    Also, you should be opening wide enough to hit those middling cards yourself enough so that it would make it more difficult for your opponent to correctly narrow your range and raise you every time with semi bluffs.

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