Workbook Hand #1 XX on K52

MrClean8279MrClean8279 Red Chipper Posts: 14
Ready to share your answers? Start by using this template, then post your answer, and then make sure to make at least one comment on another person's range. If you spot errors (like they forgot to carry a hand from one street to the next or that they seem to be too tight on a specific card) - let a poster know. We are all here to learn - so a give-n-take mentality goes a long way in this forum =)

Worst Broadway: KQo
Worst PP: 22+
Suited Connectors: 76s+

PREFLOP: RANGE (11.5%)(# 124 combos)


FLOP: RANGE (72%-of previous range)(# 101 combos)


TURN: RANGE (40%-of previous range)(# 40 combos)


RIVER: RANGE (56.8%-of previous range)(# 21 combos)


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