25NL AKs Zone bet sizing

AustinAustin Red Chipper Posts: 5,483 ✭✭✭✭✭
25NL Bovada Zone

Ep fold
MP ($62) opens $0.75
CO fold
Hero ($32) :As:Ks raises to $2.50
blinds fold
Villain calls $1.75

Flop ($3.35) :2s:3d:8h:
Villain checks
Hero bets $2.67
Villain calls

Turn ($8.69) :2s:3d:8h:4s
Villain checks
hero bets $5.34
villain calls

River ($19.37) :2s:3d:8h:4s:8s
villain checks
Hero all in $24
Villain calls

My standard in a 3bet pot is near half pot cbet. On the Turn I considered taking a free card, but after watching Ed Millers video about barreling a bit more I thought this was a great card for me. On the river I thought back to another video where I discussed having a hand like 87s in my 3bet range and most people said its not believable. Which is why I decided to shove the river. It looks like a bluff because I dont have any 8x in my range, but neither does villain really. 99-QQ is majority of his range here. I think I can shove QQ-AA and AQs and AKs for value on this river.



  • Wiki_LeaksWiki_Leaks Red Chipper Posts: 564 ✭✭✭
    I dont think you have many bluffs here unless you are shelling off with broadway hands, which i dont really recommend. Think about turn bluffs, they pretty much all get there. therefore you likely need to decrease your sizing

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