MTT - Could i make him to fold?

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Hello everyone.

Im a regular in a local MTT tournament (£22 entry, 1 rebuy and 1 add-on) and I have a solid image at the table. Normally get a lot callers pre-flop because they are too loose-passive but give me a lot of respect post-flop. This was a hand that I tried to represent an overpair but didn't work well.

Blinds were 200-400 9 handed, hero is in MP2 with 33000, villain in BB with 44500

MP1 opens to 800 and hero with :As:Qs raises to 3200, BB calls and MP1 fold.

I raised because if I call the opener I expect calls from the CO, button and at least one of the blinds. So I tried to isolated him and be heads-up against him because I think I have an edge and position. But I get called by the BB that plays any trash and with MP1 folding it was even better.

Flop: :8c:5s:2d

Villain donks 3100 and hero raises to 8300, villain calls.

In this dry board I'm thinking that he has a samll pair or the top pair and hoping that I have AK but with the action pre-flop and with this raise I'm telling the story of an overpair. So when I get called, my thought was shoving in the turn unless it is a 8 and he would fold.

Turn: :7h

Villain donks 6200 and hero folds.

His donk bet was so strange, didn't make any sense neither the bet size. I tank, thought that he could have 87 and looked to him and he was nervous, unconfortable. At this point I was sure that the had only the 8.Then I started thinking that if he is bad enough to call a re-raise OOP pre-flop with a 8, call a raise with only a 8 and make a very bad bet on turn he is bad enough to call my shove only above 20000 especially if he has a draw in his hand with top pair, so I folded. He shows k8o.. So, what do you think? I played too wrong the hand? Even I played wrong, do you think that a shove would work?

Thanks in advance and sorry may bad english


  • HappySumoHappySumo Red Chipper Posts: 58
    In this situation of a low buy-in fishfest you were never getting him to fold his top pair. If he was bad enough to call a re-raise with K8o, he is not capable of folding a pair.
  • SCP00SCP00 Red Chipper Posts: 72 ✭✭
    Probably not. But what I dont understand is his process of thinking.. What he tries to accomplish with that lead in the turn with a 1/3 of the pot. If he had hit 2 pairs with the 7 or had a set or a straight(??) he would check and let me bluff on him.. It was a SPR 1 pot and he had to think that i wouldnt slow down after the raise pre and pos. He has to have some level of thinking, after all he cashed in a £500 buy-in side event of the WPT last week in Nottingham.. I cant get it.
  • HappySumoHappySumo Red Chipper Posts: 58
    All good questions. The small donk bet is a weak move meant to pot control. The weakest of fish, such as those in these tournaments, will call raises to this small lead. As you move up the poker chain, the more advanced fish will fold to your raise of this small bet- they use this bet to pot control and "see where they are at". Your idea to raise would work well at cash games.

    And, yes, they will check stronger hands and check-raise you. So this is good for you too as you can fold to this aggression as they play their hands "face up".

    It is attrocious poker when this player called a re-raise in the SB with K8off. He would go broke at cash games. Bad players can have limited success in tournaments and that is why they stick to them.
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    I'm not sure if I'm raising this flop. You might want to float on the flop and bet any spade QAK. Because regardless of him showing an awful hand he could have easily had 99 1010 in that range. And he is also not folding an 8 even if you have an over pair he still has outs that might get him paid. I also don't think you should get caught up in the weird lines bad players take since they don't know what they are doing. I see people getting confused about why a poor player played a hand a certain way all the tine. The answer is simple they aren't good.
  • GabeyJGabeyJ Red Chipper Posts: 436 ✭✭✭
    I also think that if your going to try and rep an over pair on the flop you gotta bang the turn pretty hard. Because now when you do have an over pair and double barrel any players who are slightly good won't pay you off.
  • SCP00SCP00 Red Chipper Posts: 72 ✭✭
    That was my intention but thought that was useless how he played until now. Thanks for all yours ideas
  • Ruxton_AtheistRuxton_Atheist Red Chipper Posts: 152 ✭✭✭
    1. Consider raising smaller pre. A raise of ~ 2.5x can accomplish your goals without bloating the pot. Yes, you will get some overcallers behind, but your hand flops well, and it's early in the tournament.
    ~ 80bb is deepstacked play, and you need to be able to get away from this hand without spazzing out.

    2. This flop is dry and dynamic (thanks, Ed). Dry - no draws, Dynamic - hand values are likely to change on future streets. However, this flop also hits the random range of the blinds hard. The donk bet from level one thinkers is usually not a bluff: v. is telling you that the flop hit his range, and you elect to float him with overcards and a backdoor flush draw. Fine in a cash game, but your bb's are too valuable here. Fold to the blind's lead on this flop.
  • SCP00SCP00 Red Chipper Posts: 72 ✭✭
    It didnt open, I 3bet the openner that was in MP1.BB calls and the initial raiser folds. Thats why I tried rep an overpair in the flop but it was silly against this kind of players

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