Hi folks

Tim WilliamsTim Williams Red Chipper Posts: 23
G'day everyone, my name's Tim, I'm a NL 1-2c guy and have been doing that online for about 6 months after originally starting playing games with friends, before becoming obsessed with those play money games on my phone. So now I'm trying to apply myself at this. Having a bit of trouble the last two months after getting better the first three months of playing online; my practice has included looking at hands after each session and posting them on forums and discussing them, as well as ocassionally watching some content on youtube. I've just started learning how to do ranging because I bought the book you guys have so I've come here to discuss those hands and get a bit of validity!
If anything I'd say my biggest issue right now is just the mental side of the game; It's become a lot harder to play this game in a 'softer' head space since I've started 'committing' to becoming a 'good player', if you know what I mean. Kind of harder to let go of the immediate outcome when you put all these expectations on yourself! Still, I'm hopeful that I can come through and slowly change the way I think and feel about the game so that my lighter, more open minded and creative side can come out once again, irrespective of whats happening immediately on the board!

Look forward to embarking on this journey with you all!


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