Preflop Opening Range (strategy) for $1/2

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I know there have been several post about this, but I wanted to break down my range preflop for opening in each position based on the $1/$2/$2 (open $5) game I play with ($200 max buyin) structure. There are been some comments about being more conservative or tightening up my range. I think my range is pretty tight as is and I am just on the wrong side of variance at the moment. Maybe my bet sizing needs some tweaking or postflop I have some leaks, but i'll start with the fundamentals of preflop play.

Assuming 9 handed ($1/$2/$2 {open $5})

My bet sizing is pretty stagnant until I notice a player is sticky then i'll make the proper adjustments by increasing my opening size or isolating size substantially until I find the pain threshold. With the limps being $5 each or the game playing similar to a $2/5 shallow stack game it goes Open $12 + $5 per limper. $12-$17-$22-$27-$32 etc. It use to be $10-$15-$20 then at one point $15-$20-$25, but I find the odd #s to be the sweet spot. Seems like they fold to $17 more than they do to $20 cause math is complicated for some.

Opening range based on loose passive table
EP(1-4): 22+ / A10s+ / AJ+ / KQ+ / J10s+
HJ (5): 22+ / A2s+ / Any two suited broadway (ATBs) / 98s+ / A10+ / KJ+
CO (6) 22+ / A2s+ / ATB / 87s+ / T8s+
BU (7) 22+ / A2s+ / ATB / 65s+ / 86s+

The CO and BU I mix up between limping behind and isolating. If table is super sticky I will only isolate my strongest hands AQ+ 99+ and over limp with the rest of my range. If the table is loose, but often times can be viewed as dead money I will raise large and try and pick it up.

Aggressive table Range (some what sticky)
EP(1-4): 77+ / AJs+ / AQ+ / KQs+
HJ (5): 22+ / Any two suited broadway (ATBs) / AJ+ / KQ+
CO (6) 22+ / A2s+ / ATB / T9s+ / J9s+
BU (7) 22+ / A2s+ / ATB / 87s+ / T8s+

Some general rules I use
In EP on aggressive table if they are not likely to 3 bet can some times open 22-66 for a small raise to $6-$10 rather than limp call a $20 bet. In general I tend just to fold 22-66 on an aggressive table rather than turn my hand face up to some. Also notice I dropped AJ and KQ from my EP range. It may still be profitable in some spots, but if you view it as online FR these hands don't play too well out of position (oop).

Rule #2 pockets 22-88 if player is tight and is a regular, since hero usually has a tight image if they open for $20 (stacks $200) I tend to just fold those as well if its going to be heads up pot even when completing the action. Most of the time they will have JJ+ or AK when they open (10x), but 10:1 implied odds not doing too well if they have JJ or QQ and A or K hits the flop. I don't think I will get stacks in often. My typical calling range would be 99+ AQs+ in that spot. If its multiway I can include most pockets and AQs+. AQo I feel is on the board depending on read and their opening size. Then in position some times my calling range would be 87s+ 22-TT, AQ+. Out of position I'll drop off the lower SCs.

I'll post some hands and see if I can get some comments on my bet sizing and try to keep an open mind. I think losing this month, at least the way I am losing has made me some what defensive. I am trying to stay professional and calm. I heard some comments at the casino as well as I usually keep my cool when taking some bad beats. I am not perfect and due to long sessions after about 6 hrs or so my emotions start to show when the bad beats continue. 6 hours might be my future cutoff time if I choose to play 7 days a week. I try to know myself as much as possible. If I am honest with myself and keep an open mind that is the best way to improve.

I wish to thank everyone for their support during this rough stretch and apologize if I come off defensive at times. I always appreciate the comments and often times go back and reread a lot of these threads when my head is clear and add extra tools to my box from the more experience players offering advice.

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