Bad year for me with KK

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$1/$2 NL. Villain has $340 and I have him covered. Villain is playing a lot of pots and is very loose. He just lost a big pot on an ill-timed bluff. He tilts when he loses a big pot to "win back" his money.

I have stuck around at this table specifically for this villain.

He raises from MP after a limper or two to $15. I have :Kh:Kd in the CO and re-raise to $45. Folded around and Villain asks me if I want a call. I say Yes- he obliges and calls.

Pot is $100ish. Flop is: :Jc:7s:5c

he checks to me and I bet $95 and he asks if I "got any of that board?". I ask him if he got a piece of it and he tells me he does. He then asks if I want a call and say "you should call if you got a piece, no?". he calls. Pot is now $290 and villain has $220ish behind.

Turn is :3h

he checks and I push and he snaps with :7d:3d for two pair.

Thoughts on my bet sizing?

He was showing up with this crap all day and I felt like he was going to call me with a one pair hand on the turn for a shove bet.


  • Big OwlBig Owl Red Chipper Posts: 170
    Every pot I played yesterday went about the same way. If he's calling like you stated with any hand that hits the board then nice hand...... reload.
  • Charlie PCharlie P Red Chipper Posts: 2
    :atc1 :atc2

    Meet the invasive species the 'Donkapatamus'. This animal is like the Honey Badger in that he doesn't give a shit but is a far worse poker player.

    Nothing really wrong on your end. You know he makes that call 10 more times in that spot, you own him nearly ever other time. I would just keep quiet. I seriously hate all the disingenuous probing poker banter that villains spit from time to time.
  • Ruxton_AtheistRuxton_Atheist Red Chipper Posts: 152 ✭✭✭
    To paraphrase the LAG section from Ed's "Playing The Player", these guys force you to gamble. Your edge comes from having a stronger preflop range (KK crushes his range - good so far), and allowing the LAG enough slack to make his mistakes. He puts in too much $$ with weak holdings, so let him! DON'T give him what he wants. He is crushing you in the information advantage department, and that's how a LAG thrives. DON'T answer his questions! DON'T bet big early with big pairs. You bet sizing and table talk play right into the LAG's hands. Raise less, and add more premium hands to your check-calling range. Deny the LAG his information advantage.
  • Morgan_BMorgan_B Red Chipper Posts: 262 ✭✭
    Yeah but Happy had position on him so he couldn't check call. I think he played the hand perfectly. The fact that his opponent called a pot sized bet proves it was the right size. He is inelastic and will call $10 or $100 with any pair. If you don't shove the turn you're losing tons of value from all the draws. The sickest thing about this game is seeing "Donkapotamus's" win with :atc1 :atc2 ... where's the barfing emoticon :)
  • HappySumoHappySumo Red Chipper Posts: 58
    Thanks to those who have replied so far!
  • mdw72mdw72 Red Chipper Posts: 135 ✭✭
    Why the push on the turn? :Kh:Kd has his range crushed. What was your thinking for pushing on the turn? I'm not saying it was the wrong play but I'm just curious why you are trying to blow him off a hand that you most likely have beat.
  • HappySumoHappySumo Red Chipper Posts: 58
    "He was showing up with this crap all day and I felt like he was going to call me with a one pair hand on the turn for a shove bet."
  • OutlierOutlier Red Chipper Posts: 158 ✭✭
    If he's tilting and trying to win his money back like you said, he's likely to call a pot-sized shove with all kinds of holdings, including naked flush draws. He's inelastic with his range like Morgan pointed out, so just shove the $$ in there for max value.

    I think recommending any other line here than the one villain took is results-oriented. You had the right read on this villain and the scenario you were waiting for--just didn't work out this time. If you're not tilted too much, reload!

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