2 pairs top kicker facing a river shove

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Local casino tournament, early game, blinds 100-200, effective stack 6400

Villain: this is the 3rd round and until now villain played 2 hands that went to showdown and were KQs and A10o He won both of them and were all played calling a raise pre in position.

Hero in MP2 raises to 525 with :Ah:Jc Villain (CO) calls.

Flop (1350): :Jd:4c:4s

Hero bets 750 villain calls.

Turn (2850): :7c

Hero checks, villain bets 750 hero calls.

I was pretty confident tha I had the best hand and I decided to check because I thought that lots of second hands would fold to a second barrel and like this i could induce bets of second best hands and even he checks I value bet on the river and get called by those hands. His range should be J10s+, 66+.

River (4350): :8c

Hero checks, villain shoves for 4375, hero folds.

It was supposed to bet but I checked and I dont know why. Then he instantly shoves and I realized the big mistakes that I made on the turn and on the river. I wanted to call but there are some combos that crushes me. I am only winning to a bluff, even a QJ he transformed on a bluff. I fold because we were at the beginning of the tournament and I could get better spots to get some chips. When I folded he told me that had 88, its in his range but I dont know if I believe it. What would you do?


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    Never check-calling this turn. OP I'm fast-playing here, especially in what seems like a daily turbo (~ 30 bb's but it's early in the tournament?). Lead strong or check-raise get it in!.
  • SCP00SCP00 Red Chipper Posts: 72 ✭✭
    Yeah, I realised the mistake done in turn after the shove on the river.. :)

    But should I call or snap fold?

    P.S.: And yes, it was a very turbo game
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    TLDW: Get it in. Bet, Bet, Shove!
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  • SCP00SCP00 Red Chipper Posts: 72 ✭✭
    Thanks for the review Doug. I certainly will develop a lot my poker with redchippoker :)

    I did some pretty nasty mistakes, especially in the turn.

    You told you would fold pre AJo in medium position. I thought that was standard opening in the Hijack if everyone folds to me and it is unlikely to get a 3bet of the rest of players.

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