Hand 1 Beginner here

LabrainLabrain Red Chipper Posts: 1
open raise here
AA - 77, AK-AJs,AK_AQo 6.33percent (combo) are 84
No suited connectors

Ks 5d 2s Flop

CB or Check?
TP? yes
Flush draw? yes
66-QQ ? yes (66 not in my range)
100% withh 77 combos

9c Turn

TP? bet, FD bet , second pair check
35% with 26/74 combos

Qh River

Tp bet yes , missed draws no, AA Yes
92% of prev range
24/26 combos

What did I just do?? LOL


  • PedroPedro Red Chipper Posts: 1 ✭✭
    Labrain, being early, my range is similar exempt AA-TT, Suited KQ-T9, 6.49/86.
    Flop: tp-ckraise if NIT bets, check FD, If I had TP I couldn't have TT -QQ.
    4th-BET, check and BET if NIT didn't bet on flop.
    River-Y,N and Y

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