AK - on suited board with top 2 pair

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Hey guys - This is my first post so take it easy on me!

Live 2/2 game at local card room. I have the table covered with $450
Hero has :Ad :Kh From High jack
MP1 ($250) raise to $10
MP3 (<$200) calls $10
Hero 3-bets to $50
Both players call
Pot = $154
Flop: :Ac :Kh :9c
Checks to Hero and I fire $150
MP1 Tanks and Shoves for a total of $200 and says that "I might as well beat him again". In all honesty I wasn't aware at the time of his exact stack size but I knew I had him covered. I thought he was a little deeper.
MP3 Folds
Hero Calls

My read on MP1 is he is a LAG. He has bought in twice in the hour I have been at the table. I expect his range to be very draw heavy with flushes or str8s.
MP3 is a mix between a maniac and a calling station. I wasn't as worried about him although I knew he certainly could call a 3 bet with a mid range connected or paired hand. He like big pots and I knew if MP1 called my 3bet he would come along.

I would like feedback on my line through the flop...the rest doesn't matter. My thoughts were that it was a very draw heavy board with two players that love drawing hands. I wanted to charge them a premium and make them make a mistake by calling. I decided to bet larger since they were both in the pot and it was not heads up.

Turn: :Xc
River: :Xc

Flush beats Hero's top two pair

Bad beat or did I take a bad line?
Am I being too results oriented in beating pot to protect against 2 players on a draw heavy board?

THanks for your feedback. Happy Thanksgiving!


  • Big OwlBig Owl Red Chipper Posts: 170
    Played perfectly. As Doug says work on running better. :)
  • SplitSuitSplitSuit RCP Coach Posts: 3,950 -
    This is simply an SPR decision. When we get to the flop there is ~1-1.5 SPR against either player. If the SPR is under 2 you pretty much always take top pair to the felt. With that mentality, after we face the raise we are happily sticking it in =)
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  • Big OwlBig Owl Red Chipper Posts: 170
    Just an aside if you bet pot on the flop to get rid of any players with a draw, I'd think about that. We want draws a second best hands to call with incorrect odds. I would probably bet 100 here and call off, or bet rest on turn.
  • cmcneillycmcneilly Red Chipper Posts: 5
    Agree with Big Owl: 1) smaller flop bet 2) happy to get it in if he still shoves 2) Run better :-(
  • Ed MillerEd Miller RCP Coach Posts: 330
    You've got top two in what is already a big pot. Your only goal should be to try to get stacks in against someone. You did. Good job.

    Anything that happens after that (i.e., who actually wins or loses) is irrelevant strategically.

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