AK - on suited board with top 2 pair

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Hey guys - This is my first post so take it easy on me!

Live 2/2 game at local card room. I have the table covered with $450
Hero has :Ad:Kh From High jack
MP1 ($250) raise to $10
MP3 (<$200) calls $10
Hero 3-bets to $50
Both players call
Pot = $154
Flop: :Ac:Kh:9c
Checks to Hero and I fire $150
MP1 Tanks and Shoves for a total of $200 and says that "I might as well beat him again". In all honesty I wasn't aware at the time of his exact stack size but I knew I had him covered. I thought he was a little deeper.
MP3 Folds
Hero Calls

My read on MP1 is he is a LAG. He has bought in twice in the hour I have been at the table. I expect his range to be very draw heavy with flushes or str8s.
MP3 is a mix between a maniac and a calling station. I wasn't as worried about him although I knew he certainly could call a 3 bet with a mid range connected or paired hand. He like big pots and I knew if MP1 called my 3bet he would come along.

I would like feedback on my line through the flop...the rest doesn't matter. My thoughts were that it was a very draw heavy board with two players that love drawing hands. I wanted to charge them a premium and make them make a mistake by calling. I decided to bet larger since they were both in the pot and it was not heads up.

Turn: :Xc
River: :Xc

Flush beats Hero's top two pair

Bad beat or did I take a bad line?
Am I being too results oriented in beating pot to protect against 2 players on a draw heavy board?

THanks for your feedback. Happy Thanksgiving!


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