Hand 9

Mr2u53Mr2u53 Red Chipper Posts: 64 ✭✭
Brand new to the table. No action in front of me. With Nit, Terrible and Weak LAG left to act. What range would I raise 5xBB with?
Total Combos: 306
% Form: 23.1%
I get three bet from the Weak Lag in the BB.
What range do I continue with. I should think of a balanced range. AA and KK are out do to the fact I would 4Bet so they are gone along with AK's.
Total Combos: 278
% Form: 21%
Would I 4Bet or call with:
QQ: Call
99: Call
AQ: Call
:Tc :6c :3h
Sets: TT 66 33 9 Combos 9.68%
Over PP: QQ- JJ 12 Combos 12.9%
Top Pair: AT- JT T9s- T8s 54 Combos 58.1%
Flush Draw: A2c+, K9c+, Q8c+, J9c+, 98c, 87c 18 Combos 19.4%
Total Combos: 93
% Form: 37.5%
Would I call or raise with:
OverPair: Call
Sets: Raise or Call
Flush Draws: Nut Flush Draw Raise All others Call
Villain Shoves
Would I call with:
Quads: Yes
Full House: Yes
Three of a Kind: Yes
Over PP: Yes
Top Pair: No
Flush Draw: No
Total Combos: 20
% Form: 22%

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