Am I playing too tight against the NIT?

Tim WilliamsTim Williams Red Chipper Posts: 23
This is hand 1 from the Poker Workbook, I've done all of the 'my opening range' hands more than once but I'm still confused by this one. I find my C bet range drops off a lot against this playing and I start trapping and so such. I would appreciate any thoughts.

So its nearly full ring, I open raise EP1 infront of a tonne of mixed players. I'm gunning to get called by the Aggro on the Button so I'm opening with
Aq+, 88+, KQo, and just because I'm a bit loose, JQs, Jks and AQs+ and KQs.
Puts me at 7.4% or 98 combos.

Nit calls, and everyone else folds. The Flop comes Ks 5d 2s.
I bet large here, and I figure I'm doing it exact opposite. I'm check calling almost all Kings or Aces or sets, and betting Flush draws and most everything else. He calls.
So my range for betting was 54% or 47 combos. So about half. And none of my value range.

Turn hits 9c, irrelevant, and my guy bets again. Well I would put this guy on at least Kx or better by now, and wouldn't bet this guy with my left over air or flush draws. And there's still the river to come....

My question is, have I opened too tight, or have I not C bet enough on the flop or given him too much credit down the board? Maybe I should be trying to scare him off. Are bluffs better against this opponent type? I always figured to stay out of their way because they start so tight.

It really makes me think because I had a similar problem in this book against a LAG and was continuing way too thin, which made me easy. In your opinion, am I continuing too thin here?


  • dmansendmansen Red Chipper Posts: 31 ✭✭
    I like your frequencies. 50% bet on the flop is plenty, especially when we're OOP against a nit.

    Why not bet AA, AK, KQ on the flop? That way, you still have some moderately strong hands in your betting range.

    On the turn you can drop off significantly as we'd expect a nit to fold flop often with worse than top pair.
  • The1PokerQueenThe1PokerQueen Red Chipper Posts: 5 ✭✭
    dmansen, I was thinking the same thing about not betting AA, KK, and maybe KQ. You are likely not going to get anything if the NIT didn't hit anything, whether you check or bet, so why not try to get some value in if NIT did hit something? I think you might be missing a bet here.
  • Tim WilliamsTim Williams Red Chipper Posts: 23
    Ok guys, fair call. Will keep that in mind for future.
  • AustinAustin Red Chipper Posts: 5,483 ✭✭✭✭✭
    Ks 5d 2s.

    I would change your range a bit EP in a FR game probably drop KJs and QJs

    My range would be a little tighter
    66+ AQ+ KQs+ (6.79%)

    Flop Ks 5d 2s. cbet 100% this is a good flop for your range

    Turn Ks 5d 2s 9c

    Nits will have a lot of FD, 22,55 and 66-QQ here.

    Just seems like a good spot to barrel
    Value 99, KK, AK,
    Bluff, AsQs, AsQx, 66-TT,
    Check call: JJ-QQ, KQ,

    on the turn he can only continue with AsQs, AsJs, 22, 55, there is really not that much the nit can have. Its just a good KXX board to barrel with your opponents range pretty capped unless he doesn't 3bet AK pre.

    If he checks back the turn you can value bet your whole check / call range for like 1/2 pot on the river assuming spade doesn't hit. If spade hits probably bet 1/4th pot and fold to a raise.

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