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Probably not such a simple answer....

So I'm not a poker fan boy at all, I actually could care less about other results (on TV pros)

Looking at some of the pros this year, two stand out that are really having a good summer; Fedor Holz and Jason Mercier.

What do these guys do differently than the rest of us? Or is it just all run good?



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    Run good + they're probably making consistently awesome decisions in those marginal spots that most of us grinders either avoid or fail at.
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    I don't know fedor but Mercier makes a lot of good decisions and puts in the the volume. Whether its applying pressure or making good calls or good folds. A lot of respect for him.
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    Fedor has crushed it. I've seen some soul reads from some live coverage, the dude is on a different level. The whole 3 years this 22 year old has been playing poker, he is number one on Germany's all time money list, and 9th on the all time money list, #1 currently on the GPI(Tuchman was talking about it on one of the broadcasts of a SHRoller I think). He said he's (relatively) retiring now that he has a bracelet, I sincerely hope not, because there is some awesome poker being played by this guy. (About as fan-boy as I'll ever get, really just floored by some of the plays)

    Sure, he's not running bad, but let's not act like 'oh, just running good'. Get outta here!
  • SplitSuitSplitSuit RCP Coach Posts: 4,082 -
    Fedor is awesome. I have nothing more to add here lol
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    I have to say that at the moment Fedor Holz is my favorite player. I've listened to a few podcasts where he has been interviewed (two by Cardner and Roe on Mindset Advantage) and everything he says impresses me. He is not fun to watch like Negranu but listening to him, and seeing his discipline and understanding his depth of thought, makes you realize the difference between the rest of us and a person who is able to think in poker like Fedor Holz.

    I also admire his balance when interviewed. The guy is just a kid. I don't say this condescendingly. I know at 22 I was doing things that were dangerous and interesting and important, but I was so damn neurotic and driven by internal demons..... This kid seems to know who he is and where he is at and has a certain realization that he is a fortunate son and not someone who dominates by right.

    The example of Holz reminds me of one more thing:

    Every strategy game, every deep and complicated artistic and scientific endeavor, and the best athletics, have the same hierarchy;

    1) There is the bottom 90% of us who know little or nothing;

    2) There is the top 10% of experts who are very good at what they do and should be admired for their hard work;

    3) There is the top 1% who are the masters, and who have worked their way to the top and if they find a good life-balance will stay there;

    4) And finally there is the top .01% who are the Grandmasters,. The top .01% are so far beyond, even the rest of the top 1%, that we can only look and wonder what combination of human potential, hard work, emotional intelligence, and personal vision, brought them to this point.

    This, I believe, is a statement about the structural hierarchy of human excellence, not a statement about the value of each human being. And in certain areas of life the societal benefits and deficits for this particular kind of hierarchy are disproportionately harmful to individuals and society in general.

    But in the areas and arenas of science, art, strategy games, and athletics we do need to acknowledge that the .01% should be admired and applauded.

    P.S. Sometimes I think that I might be using this forum for "project development." Call it "Poker Philosophy" by Imperator..... Forgive me.
  • thepokermonkthepokermonk Red Chipper Posts: 320 ✭✭✭
    Fedora is just crushing the mental game. If you listen to his two interviews on the Mindset Advantage podcast you can hear about his incredible discipline and mental prep. This guy is really inspiring IMHO. Obviously he knows strategy at a master level but he's going the extra mile and making sure he's fully prepared in every way as well as keeping a good life/poker balance.
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    Running good and playing good go hand in hand. Just like running bad and bad play. Most of your success in poker really comes down to your judgement in marginal spots. Spots where it makes senses to check or call. To raise or call. To fold or call. Extracting thin value and saving that extra bet.

    When running good, your tend to be more in the present moment. Your mind is not focus, cluttered with past results. Therefore you tend to make a few extra right choices in these tough marginal spots. When running bad...

    So these are good players who normally make great decisions in this tough spots also running good. We should all be this fortunate.

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