What limit do opponents adjust ??

racenutalwaysracenutalways Red Chipper Posts: 31 ✭✭
Yesterday, I decided to have fun with some regs I play regularly, I told one that micro players up to NL200 really don't adjust well to their opponents and are more robotic type players. I have yet to see micro/small stakes player adjust vs 4b situations, they do one of two things when they are faced with a 4bet. 5bet shove for value(QQ+AK), or fold. I'm old school and I also 5bet shove as bluffs with JTs-T9s,A2s-A5s, opponent dependent. But when faced with 4b, I also call some of my 3bet bluff hands, K6s-K9s. A2s-A5s and Q9s-QTs. And (only AA),
Yesterday I called 5 or 6 5bet shoves, all hands I had air, all hands I was facing was QQ+ and AK. I asked one reg who was mouthing off how horrible I am(warning: do not berate free money, you're the fish if you do). Why is he not adjusting?>> OFC he told me to F off and log out. Wow, I am giving money away, ok, it is just 10$ tables but when I see spewy stew his hard earned nickels away, I chat it up with him as much as I can. WTF is wrong with today's generation when you berate free money, not involve yourself in convo?
What I find alarming is that players today all belong to forums, all use PT4/HEM, use equilab, flopzilla, Poker snowie etc.... and they still play close to the vest. If they are this tight at say NL10$, imagine them at higher limits. Why aren't they adjusting properly? What am I missing, we still in 2009?????


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    They are not adjusting cause people are not 3 betting or 4 betting light. Micros limits typical is JJ+ AK. So 4 bets become kk aa ak..

    I mix some Axs into my 4 bet bluffs..never really calling off vs a 5bet shove if my 4 bet is less than 1\3 of my stack.

    Most players will play pretty robotic. If you want players to adjust gotta go to heads up matches..or maybe they are adjusting by flatting you preflop with stronger hands that they usually 3 bet with but can't stand you 4 betting..
  • Adam WheelerAdam Wheeler Red Chipper Posts: 2,659 ✭✭✭✭
    The real question is - Why would they adjust and/or Do you really want them to adjust
  • JCWJCW Red Chipper Posts: 93 ✭✭
    Limits just increase the odds of running into better players. These are players who adjust. Poker is less about tight and loose. It is more about static and dynamic.

    You could find nights where the biggest games in town and the softest. And times and tables that are small and tough. Just lower limit games have a much higher % of being soft vs. high limit games.

    Most players adjust. But they adjust poorly and only once. They have a plan. It is there own plan and isn't well thought out. Sometimes it is wise to get them to adjust to you when you already know what their adjustment is going to be.

    There is a maniac at the table... they adjust. Either play tighter or looser. That is their adjustment. Done. They are not looking to see if they maniac adjusts. They do not have any further plan. They are slow to notice that the maniac isn't a maniac anymore. etc..

    All players have an A game and a F game. Their A game might be bad and full of exploitable play but it is still better than their F game.
  • racenutalwaysracenutalways Red Chipper Posts: 31 ✭✭
    They are not adjusting cause people are not 3 betting or 4 betting light. Micros limits typical is JJ+ AK. So 4 bets become kk aa ak

    This is what I mean, even if the maniac does 4-5b shove hands like 22 or J5s, they do not adjust, it's not that "typically nobody 4b light". They see the light 4-5 bets and still only play the tight ranges. may see some adjusting in BlvsBl situation but that's it.
    Yesterday I witnessed a player go ape with a bunch of hands like J3o, 54s, 22, and I witnessed tighter play then I'd expect, like calling a 3bet from the tilted players OOP re-steal with AKs, Aqo and JJ. I'm like wow, I'm sitting in the wrong seat and getting the wrong cards lol.
    The reg that I 4b called his 5b shoves with aira couple of days ago played 10 times tighter vs me in a session yesterday. That is adjusting the wrong way IMO, but I'm not scared to lose my stack.

    The real question is - Why would they adjust and/or Do you really want them to adjust

    Well ofc I want them to adjust, what's the point in playing a balanced game, worrying about GTO situations or using equilab to figure out your equity if they do not adjust and we can put them on exact hand. It would be poker, not ABC easy to read you poker. It's dull and boring. I see training videos where Hero is faced with a 3bet on turn and he holds AA and coach/teacher says, well he could have this that that or that and your AA has x amount of equity on. What I never hear is coach/teacher say, micro/small stake players play ABC tight scared money poker and his Af on turn is X, he would 3bet this or that only there 3 combos of w, 3 combos of x and 3 combos of y and AA has x amount of equity.
    WE know they play super tight, so it becomes clear when an over pair isn't good. No equity calculations needed.

    Thanks for the comments guys, maybe some day I will see more challenging poker played at all limits.
  • Adam WheelerAdam Wheeler Red Chipper Posts: 2,659 ✭✭✭✭
    Well i play micros and there is definitely players who 3 bet light et 4 bet light, but overall the goal of the micros (for me at least) is reducing big mistakes which you do often in those situations. I think the main challenge in the micros is reducing your game at a very simple level but a solid level of play. I read a lot of things on poker, saw a lot of videos but the theory often don't apply at micros. This is the real challenge. Understanding that GTO doesn't really exist at micros, most of the time you'll level yourself if you try to apply some kind of GTO. I don't pretend to be an expert at micros, and i'm talking about my own experience.

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