Some advice for new players.

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I wrote this out in response to someone else's post. Upon re-reading the post I realize it was wasn't what he was asking. But I still thought it could help some players. So here it is...

Take notes on yourself and on your judgement in marginal spots. Figure out if you fold too much or call to much. If your "gut" correct a lot or miss leads you. How much can you trust your "gut"? A lot of guys out there say things like "I called because I thought he was bluffing" to never realize that they ALWAYS think they are bluffing. They are in fact a calling station.

Figure out why you really play money. Make a list on why you play and then watch what you do and the choices you make. You will realize you play poker for a lot of other reason than to make money. Try to remove/limit those other reasons.

Write an emotional blog after each session. Rant in the blog about all the bad plays, bad beats, etc. Really let loose. Days, weeks, months later, when the emotion are gone, go back and read it. How logical are you?. What garbage do you tell yourself when you are emotional? Work on removing the garbage and injecting more logic.

Write out the questions you ask yourself at the table during a hand. When making a Hero call or Hero fold. Figure out what questions are garbage. Write out a list of idea questions you should be asking. Work on using those questions in a hand and not the garbage.

Lastly, make sure you don't have a gambling problem. Bring extra money to the casino you don't plan on playing. If you can leave with that money in your pocket EACH and EVERY TIME then you don't have a problem. My guess is that you would be surprise the number of people who post in forums that would fail this test.

Here is my point. People like to spend their times talking about hand ranges, % and strange spots where they should call or fold. Poker is a big game. Much bigger than most people make it out to be. People like to make poker as small as possible.

These things will help a new player.


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