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I'm new to the forum so I hope this is the right place to post this.

I have a general question about bet size. I multitable 16 tables of 5NL. The amount of tables doesn't really limit my hand reading ability but it does limit how much time I have to act. This time limitation often means that I choose the exact same bet sizing all the time, every time even if a smaller or greater size might be better in some specific spots.

My standard cbet size is 3/4 pot. From thepokerbank videos I have gathered that for this size to be outright profitiable I need people to fold at least 42%=75/175 and my cbet success is 48%. Thus I'm making money from my cbets. My question is, do you think that this large betsize is necessary or could I lower it and most likely recieve the same result in terms of success, thus limiting my losses when I get called.

I started out cbetting 75% on boards with a flushdraw in order to really make my opponents pay, which I know they often do. After a while I just started using it as my default.

EDIT: I'd just like to add, if it's even relevant. My flop betsize is 75%, turn 70% and river 67%. I use tableninja to give me the numbers and I just click the button.

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    Are you allowed to bump in this forum?
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    I think that's fine. Perhaps 2/3 would get the same result as well. That's my default size.
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    SplitSuit wrote: »
    1. If you were to use 50% pot as your default size, how often do you think players would default fold to it?
    2. Same question but for 60%
    3. Same question for 85%
    Wow the man himself! Hello :)

    I think I will start messing around with my betsizes to see what works and how. I play 16 tables and usually I don't play less than 5k hands during a session. How many hands do you think I need to have played before I can make any reasonable assumptions regarding how my betsize is performing?

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