Satellites / Super-Satellites vs Main Events - What to expect?

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In a couple of weeks, I'm going to playing in my first official (live) MTT super-satellites and satellites to try to inexpensively work my way into a $1200 buy in event. The 20% of these MTT's will move on to the next level, either the satellite or main event.

I've played in single day tournaments before and understand the nuances of play before/after the antes, before/after the money, etc, but surely there has to be differences in a tournament when 20% move on. I would think that players wouldn't take as much risks due to there not being a payoff to win 1st place money.

Can anyone here help explain how the table dynamics change when we're playing for the top 20% in a MTT vs 1st place? Is there anything I need to do differently than when I'm playing in a regular MTT? Any help is appreciated.


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    I have never studied satellites much, but your intuition is correct, late-stage strategy is VERY different from a normal MTT. Satellites are famous for creating scenarios where it is correct to fold AA preflop, for example. I am also interested to hear suggestions for good study material for satellites, but I would just say that they are so different, I wouldn't even play in any until I have studied them specifically.

    There is an old Thinking Poker Podcast (not sure which episode sorry) where they talk some satellite strategy but also give some warnings about the idea behind playing in satellites in general, and bust some common misconceptions. If you can dig that episode out it would be well worth a listen.
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    I have been listening to the thinking poker podcast but I have only listen to the most recent nine or 10 episodes. I'm sure I have it in my playlist, I'll just go back and look for it. Thanks. The buyin is $1200 for this tournament, so if I can get in with the $65 satellite, I'm going to give it a try. I have heard the same thing that you noted though about satellites.
  • BotswanaNickBotswanaNick Red Chipper Posts: 696 ✭✭✭
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    It is quite an old episode, 2 or 3 years old at least. I know the strategy question was about a satellite, which prompted the more general discussion. Definitely try to find it if you can, though, as it warns against the exact logic you are employing, at least from an EV perspective.
  • BoilerAceBoilerAce Red Chipper Posts: 458 ✭✭✭
    Does anyone else have any advice of what to expect here?

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