Coaching Available from Persuadeo

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I am not sure if @persuadeo is OK with me posting this here but I thought there was a good chance many of you guys are not aware of this recent offering. Hopefully he is. Also I hope the pros understand this is not really me pimping a product but more of a sharing of opportunity for the other members.

I have no knowledge of the specifics of the offer or type of coaching and would suggest anyone who is interested contact Chris thru the link. I would suggest that if you have interest you contact him quickly as he plays full time for a living and I would assume his time is very limited. Good luck guys.



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    a coach too!

    so now he's a pro AND a coach!
    man, I'm learning a ton of new things on these forums....
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    Seems like a less than important thing to learn, @Kagey, but these forums seem to cover every topic under the sun these days.

    I have played for a living for more than two years now, primarily from $5 and $10 NLHE games. For a long time, I did not want to coach. There are many terrific players who can help you and I had no wish to add to the pool of consultants and educators. I in fact encouraged my friend "Gargamel," who routinely beats the low stakes like a drum, to undertake this himself, as his game and thinking are often clearer and more straightforward than my own, and certainly more in line with low-stakes educators on TAG play. I thought of myself as a player foremost and first; there are no non-fiction poker books in my future.

    However, I have had repeated requests for a long time now, have had many students on a more casual basis. I am merely formalizing what I am already doing. So we'll see.

    My target clients are $2, $3, and $5 blind players who are struggling through the mess of learning, and who need some sort of intermediary to help bridge the gap between learning and execution in the game. This is my specific focus, where I can help the most.

    Most people do not need a coach. I do not see why, with so many resources available, most obviously at this wonderful site, you would necessarily want this relationship. If you apply yourself, you will likely win. The problem is, some of us really want to win and understand the game but are stuck on something.

    This is where, specifically, a mentor can be useful. I'm good at figuring out what's wrong.

    My model is not an hourly one. This reflects my style and views on both poker and learning, and the problems of low stakes players I have just described.

    Here is how it works: I ask for a retainer for a month of communication. We review thoughts, hands, and sessions.

    Although I did not ask for this pitch from @ChipXtractor, I appreciate it and perhaps I can be of use to some of you who want an alternative way of learning based on personal, private feedback.

    I don't want the games to be tougher, but I can't help myself in teaching and communicating and so here I am.

    Good luck.
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    will this retainer be affordable to these players at these stakes? This retainer would come from my BR so just wondering
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    Yes, it's designed for low stakes players and tailored to how much work and attention they need.

    But I'm uncomfortable with this thread, while also appreciating the shout out from Chip. This is a Red Chip property, and so will take all questions elsewhere or privately.

    I think I can say that to @ChipXtractor without seeming ungrateful at the same time.
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    I can understand feeling of unease. But without having tried you yet I think you will make a very good coach for many of us.

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    persuadeo wrote: »
    But I'm uncomfortable with this thread, while also appreciating the shout out from Chip. This is a Red Chip property, and so will take all questions elsewhere or privately.

    I think I can say that to @ChipXtractor without seeming ungrateful at the same time.

    Yeah I get it. Honestly I am not surprised. Of course the last thing you or I would want would to be disrespectful to the RCP owners who have been so generous with all of us.

    I figured a lot of the people who respected your opinions in so many threads on this site probably didnt even know you were offering this kind of help. Just wanted to get the word out if I could. I wont bump this anymore out of respect for all involved. Thanks.

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    I'll say this...

    Persuadeo is the only person besides my close friends who I can say thinks along the same wave lengths as I do in terms of strategy.
    I'm not saying we play the same but he thinks about new ways to win and isn't someone who I can see teaching gimmicks but rather how to think.

    He's also a very non-bullshit kind of guy which I like. And I think is that's also needed in a coach.

    I'll greenlight this thread papi.
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    Awesome stuff!
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    I reached out and have seen a ton improvement in a month. I am excited for more to come.
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    I too am behind this! There are a variety of coaches here and I think they represent different winning styles. If you go that route, Persuadeo would be an excellent choice.

    Persuadeo adds a lot to these forums and the various RCP events that he attends. I have talked about hands with him in the past (mostly ones where he stacked me in a live event :) ) and can tell that not only does he "get it" but that he can also communicate it. This second bit is very important.100% recommend his services.
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    Read this post, whether you want @persuadeo as a coach or not.
    persuadeo wrote: »

    I will explain why...

    Just in case there are those who take some of my opinions seriously I recommend that everybody here who wishes to improve in poker (or for that matter in any endeavor) read the above linked post by @persuadeo .

    It is entitled LEARNING, COACHING, & RELEARNING, a title I wish the man who wrote the post would have included in the link, because it says much about the writer. The title is not a selling point, and is not a sales pitch; it is a simple description of the writer's thought process ,his self-reflective approach. The title exemplifies what follows -- a straight forward critique of what he needs to do to become better.

    The first and last sentences of the first paragraph are the following:
    In all my endeavors I have been a good but imperfect teacher, and so far, my experience in poker coaching is bearing this out.... I’ve been reminded that, like any anyone, there is always more to learn and that I have a long way to go in both my own play and in developing my own theories.

    In the old New Left circles I used to frequent in college this used to be called "crit-self-crit." I also went to a few Quaker meetings with one of my old roommates and at the -end of a meeting there was time for this criticism and self-criticism. When engaged in incorrectly this kind of thing often reinforces group-think and confirmation bias. But when this thought process is engaged in correctly, with both humility and logic, it brings about the course that is the aspiration of the title, learning and relearning.

    In the second paragraph @persuadeo dives into the grit and force of his own over-the-felt strategy and tactics and later on he alludes to his own overall philosophy which can be found on his coaching page. Everybody who has read some of my more esoteric posts knows that I am what used to be called in the French idiom, homme de gauche, which in English does not have the same flavor -- I am a "left-wing human being," what Orwell used to call himself "a man of the left." We leftists have a concept for what @persuadeo is striving for praxis.. His praxis is exemplified in the feedback loop he wishes to achieve between teaching and doing; it is achieved in the unity he seeks in philosophy, theory, strategy and practice.

    I am writing this because I am impressed with @persuadeo 's statement, its honesty and open self-evaluation. I have no idea how accurate his self-criticism is but reading it I can feel the searching lines of his thought.

    I want to provide an example:
    Students deserve to know you are in the games and beating them, but have to temper that with the fact that being a poker educator (not that I am all the way there, not in the least) takes a tremendous amount of time and also is a path often borne out of having met with a certain fatigue with the game, whether temporary or sustained. In their enthusiasm, players often forget that poker is an exhausting performance when done carefully and well. It is built into our very natures to want to pass on knowledge, even if it is of the past, once we reach that fatigue point, and not necessarily before that time.

    Now if one of my writing students presented a sentence such as this to me my first impulse would be to edit the damn thing; dissect the ramble and rearrange the thought. But reading this sentence I feel the strength of the exact arrangements of the writer's thoughts. Writing teachers call this "thinking on the page" and we are careful to consider our edits. Here is why. The very best writers are able to show the pulse of their thought in the rhythm of their writing. Sometimes this results in rambling sentences that have to be edited, yet with some writers, editing is inconsiderate because such sentences clarify a way of thinking. This sentence does not ramble, it is in fact a unity between a way of thinking and a way of performing a thought on paper.

    I hope that @persuadeo doesn't mind the fact that I am dissecting the form of his writing as well as the contents of his thoughts. In fact what impresses me about this weblog post is the combination of content and form. Good thinking and good writing often go together. It is a praxis.

    So whether you want @persuadeo as a coach or not.... read this post.
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    I'm a pro member here and actually just signed up for coaching with persuadeo due to seeing this thread and the recommendations/endorsements from the resident coaches here on red chip.

    Should be an interesting learning opportunity and looking forward to it.
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    For those of you interested in a detailed, guided reading of Andrew Seidman's Easy Game, I am starting in August and looking for two more students to start it. (I realize from some of the contacts I got that it was thought to be a free opportunity by some, but it is part of my coaching service.)

    I'm sending out an email to interested parties today, you might have to check your clutter or spam box as it will go bcc to protect privacy. Thanks and best wishes.

    The Janda group will be put together next.
  • persuadeopersuadeo Red Chipper Posts: 4,382 ✭✭✭✭✭
    Note that the Easy Game Group is full at present and I am taking a waitlist.
  • bleedTiltbleedTilt Red Chipper Posts: 86 ✭✭
    Can you send me the info for both please. [email protected]

  • CubanBCubanB Red Chipper Posts: 104 ✭✭
    Tomorrow’s my last Easy Game discussion group with @persuadeo , so I wanted to take a minute to say that my experience working with him was a very positive one, and I highly recommend seeking him out if you are in the market for coaching.

    I was part of a group that read Andrew Seidman’s Easy Game together over the past three months. Persuadeo did a great job of guiding our discussion and providing insightful commentary at each of our meetings. He is very good at making difficult concepts simpler to understand and answering any questions you may have – but he does so without spoon-feeding you. There are times when you may spend a few days or perhaps a week working through a specific concept or question. He will be with you the entire way as you work toward a solution, and he will be there make sure you’re headed down the right path with your train of thought, but he will also ask that you take it upon yourself to think things through and try to come up with the answers on your own. This can be challenging, but it is ultimately to your benefit as it will help you learn to correctly think about the game. The biggest takeaway from my time with Persuado was not any one specific concept (although my strategic game has improved significantly over the past three months because of what we’ve discussed), but that I was able to see how a successful professional thinks about and studies the game, and I can emulate those qualities in order to become a more successful student of the game myself.

    To reiterate, I had a great experience in his Easy Game reading group and I intend to work with him again in the future. I strongly recommend his coaching.
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    This is so hard for me to write. Persuadeo is such an amazing coach that I don't really want to share and have all of you improve your game as well.... I was raised to tell the truth, so I suppose I must.

    For the past several years I have been looking for a cash coach. I've read Persuadeo's blogs and was really intrigued by his poker stories. I knew there was something very different and unique about his approach to the game. He is not the type of person, as you all may know from his posts here, to give you the answer. I didn't want another coach telling me how to play a hand, but I was looking for someone to teach me why.

    I have had 2 months of private coaching with Persuadeo, and it felt like I basically relearned the game. He never once told me there was a particular way that I had to play. He made me find the answers, my own path, and my own strategy. When you sign up for private coaching with Persuadeo it is a month long. You will work very hard and he will push you to understand. To really thoroughly understand the"why's" of every poker decision you will make.

    The Easy Game study group gave me another opportunity to continue with my poker studies. We had a great group that worked under Persuadeo's guidance. Each of us had a chapter a week to summarize, as well as some additional individual assignments. He sets up a chat group where we could talk about Seidman concepts in further detail, and maybe discuss a few HH's that related to the topics at hand. He is very good at taking complicated concepts and simplifying them for application. I have to say it was the best experience and I will never look at poker the same. I thought I had a good handle on strategy with my private coaching, but this study group really solidified even more concepts.

    Everyone always wants to know if a coach has made you a winning player. So yes, Persuadeo has helped me increase my win rate. More than just a little. What is more important to me is that he has given me the tools to confidently solve on my own. This is where my game has improved drastically and it has allowed everything else to fall into place.

    So if you are considering a coach. He is the one. Be prepared to get out of it what you put into it. If you are a serious student of the game then his coaching is completely worth your time and money. Many thanks Persuadeo! :) :As
  • persuadeopersuadeo Red Chipper Posts: 4,382 ✭✭✭✭✭
    Glad you enjoyed it!
  • bigburge10bigburge10 Red Chipper Posts: 1,311 ✭✭✭✭
    I just wrapped up the final week of The Easy Game group. Wow! I would highly recommend participating in this group if you're serious about the game.

    If you're like me, you might be thinking "Buddy, it's just a book, and I can read it on my own". Yeah, I thought that too. Trust me, you'll get far more out of this book and take your game to new levels, by participating in this group under the guidance of @persuadeo.

    Participating in this group will not be easy. It's a lot of work and you will be challenged. However, it's a very rewarding experience and you'll certainly enjoy it!
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    What is the structure of this Easy Game group? Can you say that here? Is it done on Skype?
  • bigburge10bigburge10 Red Chipper Posts: 1,311 ✭✭✭✭
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    The structure of the group is essentially this: over the course of 3 months, you'll meet via Skype once per week for about 2 hours to discuss the week's chapters (usually 3-4 each week). The group consisted of 4 people, so each week, each person presents a chapter summary along with examples, the group can ask questions, and Persuadeo will guide the discussion and discuss important topics. There were a few additional assignments throughout the course as well. Also, you'll have a Skype group for your 3-4 people where you can discuss the book with each other and Persuadeo. It wasn't uncommon for Persuadeo to drop a key hand into the Skype chat for the group to discuss--this further reinforced some of the concepts found in the book.
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    Yeah, that is the outline. I have a waitlist and will announce a new group when it fills and my calendar/travel plans work out. Email me for details and to be on the list.
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    I'll add my voice to the recommendations!

    Persuadeo has thought through this teaching format and I really do think it is one of the best values available.

    The combination of the private Skype channel for your group, the responsibility of having to 'present' or teach one of the chapters each week, combined with the fact that he has a deep understanding of the game of poker will elevate your game to another level.

    Persuadeo helps you challenge your own presumptions and at times that's hard work to try to break down what you think you know and is 'common poker lure' and turn it on it's head.

    If you want to change your game for the better, I'd recommend you take a serious look (and get on the waiting list) for one of Persuadeo's coaching options. Unless, of course, you play in one of the rooms I frequent... then please use another coach.
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    Dean M wrote: »
    Unless, of course, you play in one of the rooms I frequent... then please use another coach.

    Ditto!! :)
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