3rd set cracked.

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Same session as last two sets cracked.

5 handed.
UTG empty seat
MP Hero 21/19 ($38):Th :Tc raise $.75
CO 39/7 ($54) calls
B,SB,BB all call.

Multi-way Pot $3.75 FLOP:

SB,BB check /fold
Hero bets $2.95
Co re-raises to $9.30
B folds
Hero shoves for $38, CO calls

Pot $80
RIVER: :2c

Co shows :7c:8c

When I was re-raised on the flop it felt like a big raise. I had that sinking feeling in the stomach like I'm beat. But I have a top set and no flush draws. Again the same situation. Do i always fold here or whats the play ?? I seem to be having trouble in those spots.


  • goodtimesgoodtimes Red Chipper Posts: 61
    These kinda seem like coolers (refering to the other set cracked posts).

    Against a 38/7 who probably has an AF of .01 maaaaybe you can fold. have you seen how he plays any of his other hands on semi connected boards? Would he call with Top 2 here? Would he call w/ an over? But again - im probably not folding w/o notes on a loose passive like this for under 200BBs.
  • starling81starling81 Red Chipper Posts: 88
    Hmm... I wonder what Christian would respond to this hand. I know for a fact he would comment on flop texture as "smashing villain's calling range". This flop is extremely hard to play OOP because of it, a lot of turn cards that villain can shove as a bluff and make us fold huge part of our range. But in this specific hand you have a TOP SET :) lol So you are NEVER drawing dead stacking off on this flop, and the combos of nutz on the flop is too low, it's exactly 4 combos of 78s, and there is whole truckload of combos that you are ahead of all-day, everyday, and twice on Sunday. #killstations #fishstackandrelease
  • Christian SotoChristian Soto RCP Coach Posts: 2,195 ✭✭✭✭
    Just a cooler.

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