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Briax24Briax24 Red Chipper Posts: 44 ✭✭
PREFLOP: RANGE: (%-form)(# combos)
My Range: AA-22,AKo-AQo,KQo,AKs-A2s,KQs-KTs,QJs-QTs,JTs,T9s,98s,87s,76s
Worst Broadway: JTs
Worst Pocket Pair: 22
Suited Connectors: 76s+
%-Form: 15.2%
Combos: 202

:Ks :5d :2s

FLOP: RANGE (%-of previous range)(# combos)
When constructing your betting range, also consider the hands you would check raise.

Would you C-Bet or Check with:

Top Pair? Sometimes, may check some back because the weaker top pairs have trouble getting 3 streets.

Flush Draws? If opponent is a NIT then I want to bet all of these because he misses this flop often and when he doesn’t I have good EQ

66-QQ? I check QQ JJ and bet the rest of these pairs for protection.

My Range: AA,TT-55,22,AKo-AQo,KQo,AKs-A3s,KQs,QJs-QTs,JTs,T9s,98s,87s,76s

% of Previous range: 79.4%

Combos: 139


Based upon what you bet the flop with are you going to check or bet
the turn with the following

Top Pair? Again Sometimes. I keep betting with AK and check my KQ

Flush Draws? Opponent is nitty and we still have good EQ so I bet them all again. (Many have become gutshots as well)

Second Pair? I probably shut it down vs. this villain.

% of Previous Range: 31.7%

Combos: 44


Based upon your previous ranges vs. NIT are you going to bet all three streets with

Top Pair? I think I shut down with top pair. KQ has come in and I think it is unlikely we get called by many worse one pair hands We have significant showdown value.

Missed Draws? I bet most if not all of these because we have 0 showdown value. If he is truly nitty he should give up on a good # of top pair hands that he would call 2 streets with. Maybe this is a stretch.

AA? I think this falls into the same kind of category as top pair because we block the AK that our opponent may call with and KQ is now 2 pair. I expect to be mostly called by better.

My Range: 99,55,22,AsJs,AsTs,As9s,As8s,As7s,As6s,As5s,As4s,As3s,JsTs,Ts9s,9s8s,8s7s,7s6s

Combos: 23

% of Previous Range: 52.3%


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