Hand #3

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PRE FLOP: Range: AA-22,AKo-ATo,KQo,AKs-A2s,KQs-KTs,QJs-QTs,JTs,T9s,98s,87s,76s (% of FORM- 17%)
Weakest Broadway is JTs. I open raise with all of my suited aces and all of my pairs.
I am starting to notice that I don’t change my pre-flop opening ranges very often due to game condition. This has to have me leaving $ on the table. My question is what hands to add. It seems if I add offsuit broadway cards then I make a little more top pair and miss a whole lot more often. Maybe adding more suited would be gappers such as Q9s would create more situations where I could win stacks from these guys when they get it in light?

:8c :8s :2c

FLOP: Range: AA-99,77-33,AKo,AKs,A8s,98s,87s,AcQc,AsQs,AcJc,AsJs,AcTc,AsTs,Ac9c,As9s,Ac7c,As7s,Ac6c,As6s,Ac5c,As5s,Ac4c,As4s,Ac3c,As3s,As2s,KcQc,KsQs,KcJc,KsJs,KcTc,KsTs,QcJc,QsJs,QcTc,QsTs,JcTc,Tc9c,Ts9s,7c6c
(% of previous range: 57.3%) (Combos: 121)
Overpairs- I will bet my overpairs for value/protection.
Flush Draws: Betting all flush draws. Good equity mixed with some decent fold equity.
Ace King: Probably barring a read. This is a form of semi-bluff in that I can catch up when called by say TT. It also may be the best hand currently.


TURN: Range: AA-KK,A8s,98s,87s,AsKs,AsQs,AsJs,AcTc,As9s,As7s,As6s,As5s,As4s,As3s,As2s,KsQs,KsJs,KcTc,QsJs,QcTc,JcTc,Tc9c
(% of previous range: 31.6%) (Combos: 36)
Do I go all in, call, or fold with?
Over Pairs: Yes, I think these should be in my shoving range b/c Villian ha some high equity hands like pair + flushdraw.
Flush Draws: Sometimes, I think it may be best to choose the ones I backdoored or the ones that I initially had but not all of them. There are also a few straight+flush draws that should get it in regardless. Interestingly I’m also getting it in with all top pair because all top pair is also a flush draw here.
99: I definitely don’t jam 99. I may consider a call and hope the river gets checked. There are a number of bad cards for this specific hand because of the flush draws and I would be playing a guessing game on the river when bet into. May have to go to a bet sizing tell or live read. Could be better to just fold.

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