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I enjoy the social aspect of poker...I really do enjoy interacting with others. I thought it would be fun to start a thread on the "non-technical" aspects of the game such as: what was the funniest thing that happened in your game last night, what were interesting stories someone told last night, etc. I'll start with a story a gentleman at the table told a few weeks ago.

In the early 60's this guy had a friend who went to Vietnam to work tax-free on a private barge that was contracted by the government. He was making BIG money at the time (I walk to say about 8-10k a month). In the interim, he finds out his wife back in the states was arrested for harboring two felons.

So the guy returns to the U.S. to divorce his wife. Because he returned, his selective service changes and his is drafted. He is then assigned to a gunboat whose duty is to defend the SAME barge he used to work on! Instead of making 8k a month, he is now making about pennies an hour. :)

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