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DanaDana Menomonie, WIRed Chipper Posts: 4 ✭✭
Greetings fellow RCPers. I'm a 48 yr old enthusiast that started playing last summer. I enjoy the challenge of the game and that it is constantly evolving. Plus, when I tell other players that I'm a CPA they sometimes get intimidated! That doesn't happen very often in my profession. I play $1/$2 & $2/$5 NL in western WI and $2-$100 SL in the Minneapolis card rooms about 1 hour away. One of my best friends is a pretty good Omaha Hi Lo player and he organized a trip to the WSoP this year. Had a great time and learned a lot. Added a little to my bankroll too. I'm strictly cash game player and I'm fortunate to get to play just about weekly most of the year. I'm working through Miller's The Course slowly to ensure each concept is fully integrated into my game before moving on to the next. It is frustrating when the other players never raise preflop and you can't three bet let alone four bet. I want to thank all of the coaches, but specifically Miller, Sweeney, & Hull, for their great videos and podcasts. Being RCPer has definitely been a positive EV decision for me.


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