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Bought the Workbook and Flopzilla (never used before) and have a question regarding Hand 1. I know this must be a newbie question and that I am missing something obvious. I selected my opening range, which of course included KK. When constructing my betting range on the flop, I would exclude KK and check re-raise if the NIT bets. So for the % of previous hands, am I trying to arrive at the % I would continue with (of course including KK even though eliminated from my betting range) or that I bet with (which would exclude KK)? If the latter, how do I eliminate just KK from the hands I am continuing with to arrive at the proper percentage? Using Flopzilla for my range seems to be a little different than using it to construct my opponent's range. Apologize for the basic question, but want to make sure I understand from the beginning to get the most out of the book.


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    Not sure what your specific questions are but I have worked thru most of the workbook and can try to help.
    Hand #1 for example:
    Say the pre flop range one would open with is 10.7% of hands or 142 combinations, (22+, AJ+,KQ)
    on the flop of Ks 5d 2s
    the workbook asks what range of hands you would bet $20 with.
    In my case that would be 57% of the previous 142 combos of hands
    or 71 combos. If you are going to check raise KK than it is in your checking range
    for example if you are continuing with 57% of the previous range then you are checking 43% of previous range and KK is part of that range.
    Specifically in flopzilla you can use filters to remove hands such as KK from your betting range if you like. By clicking on the "normal" button you can see an inverted (checking) range. Let me know how your doing.
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    Thank you tfazio. With your explanation and redoing the hand (reading book again and playing with Flopzilla), I think I have it figured out. Regards.
  • tfaziotfazio Red Chipper Posts: 819 ✭✭✭
    edited August 2016
    Hey great news, feel free to reach out any time

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