Hand 8 Pre-flop rasing range.

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I'm having trouble deciding how to construct my SB raising range. I find that when I get three bet that I have little in the way of legit 4-bet bluffs against a player I think they would be useful against. This bogs down my ranges as I progress through the hand. I typically keep it pretty tight from the blinds. I think this is correct but doing this exercise has me confused on how to handle this spot. What kinds of hands should we be attacking limps with from the SB? Is this situation totally unique because of they player types and their position? All situations are fairly unique but I'd like to know how to construct this pre-flop range if the BB is TAG or spewy. Love to hear some feedback!


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    a lot of it depends -

    we can agree that our blind-opening range should be strong.
    it should consist of some weaker/ bluff hands.
    but it should also be dependent on # of limpers and their tendencies.

    obviously - AA KK QQ and AKs are easy decisions.
    they also qualify as part of our 4-bet range - depending on our limp/ 3-bettor

    some like all AK & AQ - and AJs
    but if you only bet your strong hands - then when you just call - your range is weak

    so what do you pair those with?
    some like hands like A3s & A4s - for the Ace blocker and nut flush/wheel possibilities
    others like hands like 89s & 78s - because we can always represent big cards and win big pots if all smalls come

    I think you'd probably do best playing around with Flopzilla and taking into account what kinds of ranges call you prf. also - it depends on how often they call and what bet size you'd make it. my bb opening range is typically very tight unless I have a great table image. then i can open it up and expect to win more pots.
  • kageykagey Red Chipper, KINGOFTAGS Posts: 2,241 ✭✭✭✭✭
    BTW - there's an article here that might help as well:

    Infographic: Pre-Flop Ranges

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