Bet sizing vs loose aggro

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Villain has been drinking a lot and by the end of the session he was barred from the casino. At the time I was pretty new to the table only on 2nd orbit, but guy was talking a lot and table seemed pretty aggro.

This is not a bad beat story. I mostly have a question on post flop bet sizing on the turn. My friend said I should have just shoved turn, but I knew where I was in the hand and didn't want to blow him off his hand. Just curious if you all would jam turn or what sizing you would use.

Villain at the time I figured he was pretty loose preflop and aggression was mixed between players. Some players who open as big as 15x preflop which I found pretty strange, but quickly learned why. Its a $1/2 game, but bet sizing has been pretty large so far going 3-4 ways.

$1/$2/$2 (open is $5)
UTG calls $5
Hero ($275) Ad As calls $5 *(planning on back raise vs these large preflop raises)
4 others call.

Flop ($30) Ah Td 3h
UTG checks
Hero checks *seen drunk guy reaching for chips live read
MP ($1,000) drunk guy bets $15
CO calls $15
Hero AA raises to $60
Drunk guy says "nice hand" and calls $45
CO folds

Turn ($165) Ah Td 3h 4c
Hero ($210) bets $100
Drunk guy calls $100

River ($365) Ah Td 3h 4c Kh
Hero ???

So do we jam turn? I feel that is being result oriented, but i'll keep an open mind. My friend was saying if I am sticking in my remaining $110 on the river its pretty neutral EV for him to draw to a flush or 2 pair if he figures I have Ax. Against 11 outs if I stick in my $110 on the river its even money for him which is why he thinks I should shove turn. What bet sizing would you use on the turn?

On the river since I block Ax calling me down his range was pretty much narrowed down to flush draws exclusively, so I viewed it as a easy check fold. If the A was not a heart I think there is some merrit to check calling or shoving the river.

Thoughts on turn and river play? I am fine with my preflop action given table dynamics.

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