Bet sizing on turn standard? (TT)

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First orbit at the table, but villain has been quiet over first 6 or so hands. I think this is a standard hand, but interested in turn bet sizing.

$1/$2/$2 (open is $5)
UTG ($100) calls $5
Hero ($200) :Ts:Td raises to $15
BTN ($156) calls $15
UTG calls $10

three ways to the flop

Flop ($45) :8s:8c:7c
UTG checks
Hero bets $30
BTN ($141) calls $30
UTG folds

Turn ($105) :8s:8c:7c:2s
Hero all in covers
BTN ($111) thinks a little while then calls.

I basically have to assign ranges vs an unknown since I am pretty new to the table and have never played with villain before. Never seen him in the casino either just a young black guy who I would view as a recreational player based on his facial gestures and stack size.

Range I gave him overall: T9s, flush draws, 99-QQ, A7s, 98s, A8s,

I just shoved because there was a pot size bet left and a lot of flush draws have 15 outs vs my hand. If stacks were deeper I would likely just bet $60 and make a river decision if called.

What bet sizing would you use on this turn or would you ever check here?

I'll post spoiler later on after I get some feed back. It's not a bad beat hand by any means. Would you give him a wider range? The range I gave him is an overall range and not a calling range. Just the hands I think he would have on the turn.

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