Attacking a C-bet

Paul_KPaul_K DFWRed Chipper Posts: 333 ✭✭✭
Hey guys... couple of questions here. Recently, I've been focusing on countering c-bets. In and out of position. When to float, when to attack... when to muck, of course.

First, is this a good board for attacking a c-bet? This should hit my range fairly well, right?

Am I out of line to triple barrel? Obviously a small sample size, but 0 PFR in 20 hands leans to a pretty tight opening range of AJ+, and PP's. I feel that JJ+, and sets would likely reraise this flop, so narrowing those out of his range leaves over cards, under pairs, and maybe some big Ax flush draws. This was my thought process at the time anyway.

I just bore down and went with my read. A portion of his range gets there on the river, but I feel I have to follow through. Am I right to make this river bet look like it's for value? Thanks!

Merge - $0.25 NL - Holdem - 6 players
Hand converted by PokerTracker 4

MP: 38.6 BB (VPIP: 0.00, PFR: 0.00, 3Bet Preflop: 0.00, Hands: 4)
CO: 99.6 BB (VPIP: 15.00, PFR: 0.00, 3Bet Preflop: 0.00, Hands: 20)
BTN: 104.2 BB (VPIP: 40.00, PFR: 0.00, 3Bet Preflop: 0.00, Hands: 20)
SB: 24.28 BB (VPIP: 45.00, PFR: 10.00, 3Bet Preflop: 0.00, Hands: 20)
Hero (BB): 104.64 BB
UTG: 105.6 BB (VPIP: 7.14, PFR: 7.14, 3Bet Preflop: 0.00, Hands: 14)

SB posts SB 0.4 BB, Hero posts BB 1 BB

Pre Flop: (pot: 1.4 BB) Hero has :7d:Ac

fold, fold, CO raises to 3 BB, fold, fold, Hero calls 2 BB

Flop: (6.4 BB, 2 players) :4c:8h:Th
Hero checks, CO bets 4 BB, Hero raises to 10.8 BB, CO calls 6.8 BB

Turn: (28 BB, 2 players) :4c:8h:Th:2c
Hero bets 14.4 BB, CO calls 14.4 BB

River: (56.8 BB, 2 players) :4c:8h:Th:2c:Kh

Hero bets 28 BB, fold

Hero wins 53.68 BB :7d:Ac


  • KrisKris Red Chipper Posts: 58 ✭✭
    Call me a nit, but I'm folding A7o pre, even on the BB against a late-positon raise. I could maybe see three-beting pre if you thought he was doing this as a steal, but you don't have much data on the V and he doesn't seem aggressive in the small sample size you have. I'm not crazy about the flop and turn aggression becaue you have so little equity when called. You might have three overcard outs but that's it. On the river, I'm conflicted. Part of me thinks that, having taken it this far, you may as well rep the flush and go for it. But in the other hand, if we think flush draws are a good part of his range on the flop, we could be in big trouble. Not sure what I would do there but I think the river play was OK. I would question some of the decisions earlier on the hand, though.
  • AustinAustin Red Chipper Posts: 5,483 ✭✭✭✭✭
    Fold preflop because you want a hand with more postflop potential. If it was Axs you would have a case for calling or 3 betting preflop. You are facing a raise from a player who has not raised a single hand yet. You assume hes raising AJ+ and pockets but his stats say other wise. Showing he is playing 15% of his hands so maybe he is just calling or limping those hands and only raisig aa kk? We don't know yet over a small sample. Whats the point of calling A7o if you put him AJ or better? Ok that's preflop.

    Poker is a game of story telling. Similar to preflop you want a hand with some barrel potential. You are bluffing on flop with little to no equity. If you had something like Ac7c for Bdfd and bdsd you can potentially raise his cbet. Again if he never raised preflop then he never cbet either..why are you attacking him? Plenty of other hands you can pick to bluff this board. Also at the very worse you should have ace of ❤ heart in your hand.

    Last but not least. You are bluffing with your hand so you want him to fold but constantly giving him 3 to 1 with your bets. Let's say you had AhJc here. You have some potential with this hand. When an aggro player cbets here 4bb into 6bb you can check raise to 18bb (psb). He would be calling 18bb to win 36bb only getting 2 to 1 instead of the 3.5 to 1 you gave him on a wet board. Then barrel any broadway or heart where you pick up equity. If turn gets called though i would likely shut down. Would have to be a great run out to continue bluffing.
  • DjayDjay Red Chipper Posts: 21
    I think Austin sums it up pretty well.

    You do have a problem with the sample sice here, but in theese situations Attempt to steal, C-bet and fold to C-bet are probably some stats you would want to explore.
  • Paul_KPaul_K DFWRed Chipper Posts: 333 ✭✭✭
    Thanks to you all for the analysis. Good stuff, Austin!

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