AA fancy play against a lose opponent

3-5 spread limit (max bet 500) at local casino. Although I won the end, I am not sure if i made all the right decisions. I was certainly "laughed at" for playing the hand like this by "regulars".

Hero: ~$3K, UTG+1, won a few big pots, but have been lose and aggressive against EP and MP limpers in position. Got caught bluffing twice and once semibluffed with a draw on the turn to give up on v1s blocking bet on river.

V1: ~1500, Cutoff. V1 and hero have sparred a few times, mostly with him calling my raises IP and folding to my bet, or betting if i checked.

V2: $280, BB. Decent reg with some aggressive tendencies and moves.

UTG has straddle for 10.

Hero, UTG+1: AsAd. Raised to $45. This was a hand where i tested larger raise size - in general i was 3x-3.5xing. V1 calls from Cutoff, button calls, SB folds and BB ships it for 180.

At this point, I wanted to get V1 into the pot. If I called and he gets in, we would see a flop with ~600 in the pot, giving and effective SPR of ~ 2.5. The plan was to get it in by the turn (due to $500 bet limit) unless the board is super scary.

I call 180. V1 doesn't think much before calling, button folds, so we go into the flop with 595 in the pot.

Qh 2c Jh.

I check with the intention of check-raising. This is probably not the best play, but given that he mostly folded to my c-bets, I decided to CR instead.

Hero checks, villain bets $200. Hero check raises to $500. In retrospect, I should've made it $700, the max that was allowed. V1 calls. We go into the turn with 1695 with effective stack of $800.


Hero bets $500 (max bet) villain calls (instead of shipping).

2s, final board is Qh2cJh5h2s.

Hero without much thought process checks, V1 checks behind and mucks his hand on seeing AA. He claimed to have had QJ (highly unlikely). V2 turned a set of 5's with his 5s5d to ship the main pot, i took the side pot down.

There was a lot of talk on "that" side of the table on how terrible my play was, and how he had me all the way to the river with QJ until i got lucky. "I can't believe you kept betting" was a comment from a reg, which i ignored.


1. Is it bad to want to play 3SPR pot to maximize winnings with AA (even when opponents aren't thinking about SPRs and making terrible mistakes).

2. Any thoughts on any street of play?


  • AustinAustin Red Chipper Posts: 5,483 ✭✭✭✭✭
    @ first glance the turn looks like a bad card, but due to card removal unless he has AKhh or AThh it's hard for him to have a flush here.

    Going for a check raise here is fine, but prefer betting. I think with Ace of heart in your hand a check raise would be a better line.

    Don't take advice from bad regs. They are just being result oriented if he did have QJ. I would just be like wow you didn't 3 bet two pair on the flop or raise the turn? You called a 3 bet for 60bb preflop? Your great!!! Don't be discourage with their comments..

    I hear this shit all the time. They have no idea how to play correctly.

    Ftw check raise with ace heart
    Other wise
    Just donk lead flop.
  • Raj SeshasankaranRaj Seshasankaran Red Chipper Posts: 2 ✭✭
    Thanks for the feedback Austin, leading out on flop makes a lot more sense.
  • BotswanaNickBotswanaNick Red Chipper Posts: 696 ✭✭✭
    I'm just seeing this hand. I think your play was fine, you are certainly correct that it is great to get V1 to call preflop. On flop, is he going to fold AQ/KQ/JT/flush draws? Don't think so, there are plenty of second-best hands that will call, c/r seems good to me. Just because he had one of few hands that had you beat doesnt mean your play was incorrect.

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